Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Highlights of Fight of the Century (Pre-Game)

Two boxing titans will go head-to-head in one of the most highly anticipated contests in recent memory.


  1. As expected the shoulder rollin jab and run mayweather won even though i
    thought pacman had it i dont see why everyone says floyd is the best
    fighter ever? U have to atleast fight to be labeled a fighter jab and run
    is not fighting in my book just my opinion

  2. May feather isn’t the best fighter man didn’t stay toe to toe. Running too
    much. He was scared of pac mans speed

  3. I think floyd needs to proove himself and STOP fighting PUSSY LADYBOYS LIKE
    PACQAIUO HE IS SO SHIT ITS UNREAL infact pac man should go play fight in
    wwe wwf

  4. Fuck Justin Bieber don’t know shit about boxing….jumping on the band
    wagon …too fast

    This fight was way overrated…….

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