Mattis: New nukes to force Russia to respect INF

The US secretary of defense says the purpose of Washington’s plan to deploy new low-yield nuclear weapons is to force Russia to respect agreements on limiting nukes.
James Mattis says Moscow is violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, adding that Washington wants to have a bargaining chip to pressure Russia into compliance. He made the statements at a hearing in U-S Congress. Over the past several months, Washington has accused Russia of developing a new cruise missile that violates the 19-88 treaty. Moscow has rejected the allegations. Last week, the Pentagon released its updated nuclear strategy review. The document lays out plans to revamp and diversify the U-S nuclear arsenal to counter what Washington calls threats from North Korea, Iran, China and particularly Russia.

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  1. Nordic European Viking Colonizer terrorist Invaders in North America have Violated every Single Treaty down the the very last one since they've invaded the Americas and, have been occupying North America.
    Just as, they have Violated every single treaty with anyone on the entire Planet.
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  2. This shows the usa attitude for war.
    Other countries have nukes for defence.
    usa uses military to control other countries policies.
    Other countries will just build the same.
    Its also a money machine.

  3. Russian must make their nuclear weapons much more powerful to make the warmongering criminals wake up and stop the aggression and bullying the world Russian must stop communicating with them and no to agree on anything the America wants including the criminal sanctions which only serve the America interests only?

  4. The US, UK, Israel, France, and India are not Russia's Boss and if they think they are going to bully Russia Putin will just Laugh at them as always. Russia has smashed many Nations that bullied her people and tried to conquer the Motherland and steal resources and the US and its allies will end up like Nazi Germany.

  5. The US has much superior Nuclear weapons with N.Korea….How is the 'bargaining chip' going? LMFAO The US thinks force is the answer to everything

  6. Once the US backed out of the other Agreements and placed Sanctions on Russia, this gives Russia the Legal Right to no longer abide by any agreements made with the US Zionazi Terrorists.

  7. Terrorist USA needs to learn its place, on the bottom.

    We need to stop trading with these filthy savages and just let them all die off. Save our collective gene pool some pollution also.

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