Massive sinkhole on Crimea highway leaves 6 dead

Six people died, including two children, as the road suddenly collapsed, creating a sinkhole, on Nikolaev Highway near Simferopol on Sunday. READ MORE RT LIVE


  1. Let’s hope it gets reconstructed with a more stable sewage system and less
    erosion of carbonate rocks. And make sure NO bombs fall on it. Got it,

  2. Just wait until Planet X / binary companion / brown dwarf with 7 planets /
    mini solar system finally gets here. This sink hole will be like a dream
    come true. No disrespect to the people who lost loves ones. My prayers are
    with you. God Bless ITNOJ

  3. Wow look like our world is crumbling. But how its possible a sinkhole of
    that dimension ? It remind me the movie tremors, was some sort of Sinkholes
    because was made by big Worms, but this holes? Maybe there is some under
    ground water flow or perhaps machines under ground. Cause I know there’s a
    lot of Sinkholes in Siberia, so might be related it 

  4. Sink Holes , Earthquakes, Train derailments and Volcanoes! There’s a whole
    lotta shakin going on. Mainstream news doesn’t even touch the subject as
    peculiar. I Wonder Why?

  5. This is one of the weirdest phenomenons ever. You would think that the
    atheistic scientists that have hijacked scientific inquiry would be eager
    to provide an answer. No, in this case, they’d prefer to hide in their

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