Mass. Town Weighs Nation’s 1st Tobacco Ban

Westminster, Mass. is considering becoming the first municipality in the U.S. to ban sales of all tobacco products within town lines. (Nov. 11) Subscribe for more Breaking News: .


  1. What a CRAZY Town this is. You can’t do this. Don’t these CRAZY
    “Government Idiots” in that town know that?!
    If it’s LEGAL in the United States, you can’t Ban it !! You could Ban it
    IF you want to succeed your town from being a part of the United States,
    which will make you a communist Town.
    Do these CRAZY Towns Officials even bother to read the US Constitution
    (The one they SWORE to protect) before taking office? 

  2. Yea we gotta make sure kids are not smoking tobacco, tobacco can be either
    a stimulant or a depressant- depending on blood concentration. What we
    need is kids popping pills that are more expensive and rot more organs- am
    I right? Who cares it has protective effects against things like
    alzheimers- right?!

  3. So what now… if someone is caught with a tobacco product in this whack
    job town, off to the slammer or pay a fine? Seriously, I hope they do
    realize there are such things as mail order and the internet. As a smoker
    here in upstate NY with the highest taxes in the nation on most things,
    including tobacco products ($9.89 a pack). I’ve resorted to making my own
    cigarettes or taking a ride to the nearest native American reservation.
    Maybe the people who are against this idea, should start doing the same.
    All they are doing is removing profits from the businesses selling them. If
    someone wants a smoke bad enough, they will find one. Peace!

  4. Introduce cheap,reliable electronic personal vaporizers (e-cigs) and the
    right e-juice and give lectures on smoke cessation via lowering nicotine
    levels in e-juice over the course of a few months. The oral fixation is
    what people get addicted to as well as the nicotine. E-cigs aren’t totally
    harmless, we don’t know the real long term effects, but current studies
    show it’s a hell of a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes. As someone
    who smoked for 5 years straight (unfiltered, cigarillos, cigars, pipes),
    vaping has helped me a lot. Now I have low nicotine levels and can
    actually breathe and run a mile without coughing. 

  5. Everyone knows when you make a substance illegal people stop using that
    substance. That’s why there’s no drugs in America.


  7. Doesn’t anyone over there remember Prohibition? For fuck sakes.
    Legalising marijuana, and making cigarettes illegal, you fucking geniuses.

    Remember, when a reporter or pollster asks you what you think about shit
    like this, don’t state whether you personally like or dislike smoking or
    whatever it is, whether you think it’s healthy or not, pick the third
    option: It’s none of your fucking business whether anyone does it – or
    anyone else’s either – whether they fucking like it or not.

  8. It’s a very interesting experiment. Smoking is very unhealthy, though the
    economic effects could really be very dangerous. Also people will just end
    up bringing it in, in the boots of there cars and selling it. So it could
    also feed money into illegal operations.

    In short overall it’s a very bad idea. The negatives are way bigger than
    the positives as it won’t stop the smokers, not effectively. Probably a
    better way to do it is feed money into a anti smoking campaign. Where it
    shows you the effects of what all the shit in those cigarettes do to you. 

  9. They are not trying to ban people from smoking. they are trying to ban the
    SALE within town lines. I’m sure they wouldn’t give two shits if you smoke
    till your lungs turn black and you die. SALES GOT IT? Not Smoking..

  10. OK but you will still allow them to sell Alcohol?? Which kills millions of
    Americans every year too? WOW!!! Its whatever is convenient for them, they
    drink so they want them to keep selling that huh? IDIOTS, freedoms go out
    the window,.

  11. Kids might grow up one day and die prematurely from not living and to allow
    the government to make your decisions for you!

  12. In order for others to live a few must die for the greater good … That
    is why I a Non-Smoker support a persons right to smoke or to use tobacco

  13. And yet alchohol is still going to be completely legal to sell within state
    But whatever makes them feel better i guess.

  14. While I agree people should stop smoking you can’t force them to stop doing
    it, they have to decide that on their own.
    Prohibition doesn’t work.. we already had that social experiment in the
    1920’s and it failed miserably.

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