Market Call – The Bull Is Strong


  1. I know that caller knew it was unnecessary but this constant intervening
    doesnt help standing and excess militarism doesnt benifit society in long
    run ask the other empire’s. 

  2. Debt can be good, or bad, depends how the money is used. Leverage used
    correctly is good. Personal debt without any creation of wealth is bad.

  3. bohem what about this… someone donating to charity.. money or time.. ok
    there are winners but what about the other charities that didnt get time or
    money donated to them… they arent winners too.

  4. It isn’t winners, and losers, how do you explain people doing charitable
    actions? someone just being decent human being? Everything isn’t just a
    power struggle

  5. Why do you think there is always someone getting over on another person,
    fair exchange? I happy happy to buy and let another make a profit

  6. Sheeple, but since today the markets are controlled by High freq traders
    where is the little guy.. you have no chance

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