Mario Cuomo’s 1984 convention speech

In 1984 former New York governor Mario Cuomo delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention.


  1. Mario Cuomo was a New York Icon.A native Paisano to New York City.A home
    boy who made it and made it BIG.Rest in peace.Con todo resepto a tu

  2. That speech could have propelled Cuomo to the Presidency. A shame for
    Democrats that he did not run in 1988. I always thought he must have had
    something really bad he was hiding to not have run because he would have
    won if he did not have any scandals. No politician turns down a good
    chance at the Presidency. No matter what he was hiding I wish he had run

  3. The sad part is that in his speech he’s talking about America in 1984 but
    he could have been talking about America today and it would still be true.
    RIP Mr. Governor 

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