Marco Rubio: I will support the Republican nominee

Sen. Marco Rubio sits down with CNN’s Jake Tapper in his first national interview after dropping out of the presidential race.


  1. I have a new found respect for Rubio… maybe his political career here in Florida is not dead after wall.

  2. not sure i can respect a man who gets owned so hard and then sucked the dick of the man who owned him so hard. have some respect for yourself, we do not need you little rubio, trump is going to win regardless, trump 2016

  3. What is the Bush plan now? They seem to be telling their toadies to "support" Trump. Is an airplane heading towards Trump Tower?

  4. Wow, new respect for Rubio, is that weird? Maybe he's really a good person he was just doing the henchman work of his big donors when he was in the race but still deep down cares abt America? Respect Rubio, takes a big person

  5. Thank You Marco!
    It's time to take back our country from corrupted politicians. As commander in-chief I will create jobs, take care of our veterans, build a massive wall that will keep Illegal Immigrants out that are pouring in with drugs and weapons that cause harm to Americans, rebuild our military much stronger where we can defeat ISIS, and get rid of the $19 trillion dollars in dept. Crooked Hillary is weak on immigration, she is weak on job creations, she is weak on protecting Americans, she is weak on the military. Our country deserves a truly great leader like me that will work for the american people that are struggling. #VoteTrump2016

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