Mandatory Annual Mental Health Evaluations Under ObamaCare Coming Soon?

Mandatory Annual Mental Health Evaluations Under ObamaCare Coming Soon? *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining…


  1. Dx of America = everyone is stark raving mad. Prozac nation was nothing. If
    you are human, you have a deficiency. Take a pill, hook yourself up, and be
    a transhuman. Beurk ! This society is sick. L’homme malade is the You Ess

  2. would anyone agree i need one because it has been my strong desire for a
    young good looking women to poop on my chest and face

  3. Have you even read the DSM? I kinda doubt it. ODD isn’t some sort of wildly
    given out disorder like ADD, ADHD, or Bipolar. It is very hard to truly
    diagnose a child with anything and be correct because they usually grow out
    of it. Most Psychologists agree ODD doesn’t even exist in adults research
    into it is only really starting now. Also although there are Psychologists
    that will prescribe pills to everyone they don’t usually need anything more
    than prayer, a knowledge and understanding of what they have, and the
    desire to get better whether through therapy or self reflection or what.
    Such is not always the case though and meds are then prescribed. Now I’m a
    Christian, a Libertarian, and a gun owner but please get the facts straight
    because I’m also a Psychology student.

  4. The government say’s that the screwed up society that they’ve created isn’t
    broken “the people who are forced to live in it are” ,” here take a pill so
    we can fix you”. Oh we need to see your kids too so we can fix them, mental

  5. So, demon possessed, satanic controlled people are going to diagnose mental
    health disorders? I am thankful Jesus is coming back soon.

  6. Mark, that’s why I don’t have children. The way the Owners of the country
    have designed the system, kids don’t belong to the parents…
    The spend most of the time in the brainwashing institutions, called
    schools, and the rest of the time, internet and TV will do the job…
    Family, friends, social life is not an option…
    Aaron Russo, on the video Reflections and Warnings, explains how the
    feminism did the job to take mothers out of the house and seal the deal to
    mold the kids to be OBEDIENT WORKERS…

  7. You sick Christians mock every society innovation, when Nicoli Tesla and
    Thomas Edison were working on Magnetism and Electricity: The Christian
    morons like you Mark called working with Electricity and Magnetism Satanic
    and all those working with it.. Remember: when Christians equated www. with
    vav, vav, vav, 666 and the internet was the work of Satanic Evil… Now you
    Idiot are all using the Internet. Why don’t you Christians run from the
    Internet it is the work of Satan!!!

  8. Pretty sure I have Oppositional Defiant Disorder and am damn blessed to
    have it. I don’t think 95% of the stuff Government does is their duty or
    obligation… Too much Government power grabbing in the name of “safety”
    and “protection”… then cops have these posters “parents don’t tell your
    children we will haul them off to jail if they are bad. We want them to
    come to us when they are scared.” <= I call B.S. Ever call a cop or ask them to do anything like take a report? If anything parents should teach their children to be scared of the police; since, they are much more likely to be robbed (for something like speeding) or arrested for making a Pop Tart gun than they ever are to become the victim of a criminal without a badge.

  9. A mental health eval should be mandatory. Without we may have the weekly
    nut case shooting groups of people.

  10. Great. The last thing I need is another person telling me I’m crazy.
    IKNOW,MOM! It’s a choice, like being gay or a zombie.

  11. It’s actually a great idea, because a lot of black people, rednecks and
    Mexicans should be on same kind of sedative medication. 

  12. People cant get their face out of there iPhone but you expect them to
    buy/read your book’s? Good luck with that, only thing people read is their

  13. Yeah, this is gonna help the cost of healthcare. It seems everyday these
    people try something new to sabotage our economy,

  14. This is why more and more men and woman in the ages of 30-35 do not want
    Including myself.This world is not a good place to raise an animal ,so why
    have a human being that is subjected to the nwo?That would be like torture

  15. It’s a good thing I’m allergic to all the modified foods… Everyone should
    stay away from milk, wheat, corn, coco, and soy. They have all been

  16. Check up from the neck up! We should be doing this daily by reading good
    books on personal development. Go help yourself, read some books.

  17. If you truly have a mental health disorder, those who interact with you
    routinely would know it much better than a doctor you see once a year for
    15 min and they would help you get the medical assistance you need. The
    only thing a standard mental health evaluation would do is exactly what
    Mark was trying to get across- over medicate you, monitor you, label you, &
    eventually prevent you from owning a gun (and possibly other weapons too). 

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