Man is Paid To Uncover Unlicensed Brothels By Having Sex With The Prostitutes ft. Anthony Lee

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  1. Honestly, I don’t understand why people need to go to Brothels, just go to
    Craigslist and post your deep dark fetishes and/or start a club. In theory,
    it should be much safer since Brothel workers probably/inevitably contract
    an STD because the volume of random customers. If you are concern, you
    might met someone dangerous on Craiglist, just have your first few meetings
    in public, and just in case arm yourself with a potato. How many fatalities
    have you heard involving potatoes, none right? Coincidence? I think not

  2. Australia has brothels?! What state because I live in QLD and haven’t
    heard anything about legal brothels. 

  3. Im in melbourne and down the road has a shop that sells sex things (dilldos
    ect) and its really close to a shopping center

  4. But 1:33 the pronunciation is POR-SHA not PORSH, gawd, even in Pixar’s
    ‘Cars’ they say it. Come on JK crew, I know you can do better, you guys are

  5. I feel like the JKF office is an undercover brothel and every time they
    have a new guest they are a new paying customer. Bart is the security of
    the brothel and Geo is the secretary, god damn 

  6. i dont know how someone can have sex with prostitutes because they kind of
    are like warm pocket pussys you cant clean. just gross

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