Malala Yousafzai Makes History as Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

After learning she had won, the 17-year-old female education activist finished her classes like it was “a normal day.”


  1. CIA did it again. Now they ‘ll launch tons of aggressive drone attacks all
    over Pakistan and in the region after rewarding one little pakistan girl.

  2. Dear Friends – Kindly watch… Malala Yousafzai Makes History as the
    Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Recipient. – ( by ABC News.) – After
    learning she had won, the 17 – year old female education activist
    finished her Classes like it was “a normal day” (Published on
    October 10, 2014) Thank You. – Archie.

  3. She is my hero it shows how weak terrorist organisations are if they feel
    threatened by a 17 year old girl but Malala would not be silenced the world
    needs more beautiful people like her 

  4. I know a teenage girl who read her book and gained so much confidence and
    purpose! Children are to be seen AND heard! Nobel got it right this year.
    I’m so glad that they recognized the rights of children who are not lesser
    human beings, but people deserving education, freedom and respect. Thank
    you Nobel committee for shining a bright light on children’s rights this
    year! I am SO HAPPY!

  5. All she wants is for girls to be provided with an education. How could
    anybody disagree?

    The Taliban are right to fear her: she exposes everything that’s wrong with

  6. This is how feminists should be, not the angry upper class spoiled
    California girls who think their life is so hard. Congrats Malala.

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