Majority Report 4/25/14 – Casual Friday: Cliff Schecter & Matt Walsh

Good morning folks! On today’s Casual Friday, Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter). Read Cliff’s latest here! Also comedian and Veep actor Matt Walsh (@mrmattwalsh) will give us a Netflix suggestion….


  1. ‘The Only Difference Between Bundy And A Host Of Conservatives Is That He
    Isn’t Sophisticated Enough To Couch His Nonsense In Soundbites And
    Euphemism’.- slate

  2. Today at 7:30pm International Longshorman Association Local 1422,
    Charleston, South Carolina. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and SC 7th
    Congressional Candidate Gloria Bromell Tinubu.

  3. YUp… kinda. The rest is money. How’s the Wolf Psc thing working out after
    how many years now. Money is the only thing scumbags like the FCC cares

  4. Yes.. get active. Vote for a guy who promises to protect net neutrality.
    Ooops. Already did that. Didn’t work. What now?

  5. “Americans are” NOT “gonna lose their fucking internet.” unless you spend
    all your time whining in chat rooms. Get active.

  6. Bill Sher on BRendon Sasso’s twitter: It’s an uphill battle against the
    forces of online outrage, stay strong!

  7. ATTENTION NEW YORK CITY, Brooklyn. Friday, May 2 Rough Trade Brooklyn, New
    York 11211. Playing Rough Trade Records NYC!! Featuring The Majorleans

  8. US started a war about bringing freedom to other countries… and now
    Americans are gonna lose their fucking internet… unbelieveable

  9. Google with their search paramiters ruined the net for me. I remember
    finding random crap through searches way back when (90’s). Now it’s all big
    players who pay for showing up first for searches

  10. Kevin O’Leary was on CBC last night talking about how great it is. He
    thinks if you want ot isit a website, you should have to pay. as if all
    working people have that kind of extra money laying around

  11. Is Cliff going to talk about the incident at the litle league game in GA
    last night? Guy starts brandishing a gun in the parking lot taunting folks
    that there wasn’t anything they could do about it

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