Majority Report 3/21/14 – Casual Friday: Guy Lawson & Michael Ian Black

The show starts at 11:30 AM today! Good morning folks! On today’s Casual Friday, Rolling Stone contributing writer and Majority Report friend Guy Lawson (@Gu…


  1. I was lucky enough in 1968 to have a physics teacher who got us involved in
    setting aside Clifton Gorge as a pristine preserve, i.e..;

  2. David that sounds awful. At least the dinosaur conservatives out here knew
    what conservative really means. To conserve.

  3. We have some natural preserve, Little Miami, Clifton Gorge and John Bryant
    State Park, but our main river, the Great Miami, was the flood control
    example used to destroy the Mississippi

  4. They keep tearing down all the woodlots around here…mixed bag, building
    our first Costco here where there was a 25 acre private forest

  5. David ..hooray for the suburbs! I go 30 miles south and I would be way
    rural. No cell reception..woooo.

  6. City verses country availability is my dividing line…I have known
    responsible owners…but they were the exceptions

  7. My Dad is not a big weapon proponent but others in the family are
    owners/users. They are all safe, but we still don’t agree on ya’ know
    everything. Like legal restrictions for weapons.

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