Louie Gohmert’s Ebola Theory Is Dumber Than He Is

“Louie Gohmert (R-TX) this week blasted President Barack Obama for sending troops to Africa to help fight an Ebola outbreak, and predicted that they would bring the disease back to infect American…


  1. The same people who dish on Louie would be scared to say a word if he was a
    minority other than “southern”. [edit: I realize that this statement is
    coarse. I apologize. It is a poorly stated and ill conceived]

    For what its worth, if you don’t have anything constructive to say and you
    take the time to comment on Louie’s intelligence, you are just grasping at
    self-esteem straws.

    Oh yeah… he’s dumb, you’re smart… go back to sleep.

  2. Liberals are going to destroy this country.

    What’s it going to take to get you people to start acting like adults?
    Infections in New York and San Francisco? Wait a little.

  3. Fun fact of the day: The pervasiveness of AIDS in the gay community is
    proof that homosexuality is wrong. Nature has its way of punishing those
    who violate its order.

  4. Are you liberals fucking retarded or something? YES you have a travel ban
    for countries that have been infected with Ebola. How hard of a concept is
    that for you fools to understand. If the west severs travel to the most
    infected areas do you know what will happen? The disease wont spread
    anywhere else. This is something we in the educated world call quarantine.
    It’s highly effective in preventing the spread of disease. Christ, it’s
    like you liberals actually want Americans to die needlessly.

  5. Um no dumb ass…. What WILL happen is they WILL catch it and bring it
    back. Just like they came back from Iran and Iraq with illnesses from the
    region. Since 0bama sent the military down before the Liberian national
    flew here, how did he get here if it’s being contained with in the region
    by our military? We’d have to quarantine that area and forbid travel to and
    from it to really contain it dumb ass. And that’s obviously not happening.
    It IS NOT contained.

  6. Cenk can’t understand why his republicans want him safe? Well first of all
    we don’t wish death upon our opposition, like you so called tolerant
    progressives do, and secondly if something happened to Obama, we would get
    stuck with uncle joe as president. I can’t really think of anything worse
    than that. 

  7. Ebola is not something to be fucked with. THERE IS NO CURE FOR IT.
    All we need is to close the borders. there are tins of diseases coming in
    from other countries to us and it is spreading like crazy.
    For the sake of the gods, what is so hard to conceive about this?
    It is more and more sacrifice.
    Do we really want to help them or are we trying to protect our “pride” by
    seeming like we ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEM?
    so damn hard to make sure they are alright?
    That is like crying over a celebrity who spit in your face when you asked
    him anything at a red carpet event.
    then turn around and say but, I still love you”
    What do you love about me?
    I don’t know.
    Well, what is it that makes you love me?
    I don’t know, I just love you.
    So, i could be a fucking murderer and you will love me?
    I can kill your family and your friends and you will still love me?
    for the love of the gods. 

  8. Dear USAians, here’s a suggestion, please consider:
    1 convince republican party and “conservative christians” that Jesus wants
    them to go to Africa to treat Ebola without protective gear (laying on
    hands, faith, that whole Bible shebang, look it up)
    2 don’t let them come back
    3 be the greatest country in the world, finally

  9. What a fucking idiot…. Like all idiots, he assumes that the army’s only
    purpose is to kill….What a simpleton…..Armies around the world have
    experienced medics, trauma centers, important medical provisions, funding
    (probably the main point) and extensive logistical departments… This is
    why many armies around the world are sent to crisis areas (not involving
    combat, rather, involving countering environmental disasters) to help those
    affected…. God Gohmert is a fucking idiot….

  10. Don’t be so anti-democratic, Cenk. Even the stupid need proper
    representation and there’s plenty of them.

    Shit, you guys have enough stupids to elect an idiot party-boy turned
    chapter-11-aficionado like Bush, twice! Louie Gohmert should be your
    fucking Emperor.

  11. Louie Gohmert is beyond any doubt the dumbest member of Congress. Each time
    he opens his mouth he says something even doubler that he said before. He
    is such a stupid idiot it baffles he how he cans survive. We really need to
    require some minimal intelligence for our elected officials to keep such
    stupid morons out.

  12. Thank you Cotton Hill. Most of us think something more should be done. Not
    a travel ban but more travel restrictions. Whoever created that cure needs
    to get it to them quickly. Gohmert is a virus in and of himself. How long
    are the people of Texas gonna let him propagate?

  13. TYT again on a mission of self aggrandizement. In 2003, malaria infected 79
    US troops while on a peacekeeping mission in Liberia; again, in 2010, a
    Navy Seabee died in Germany after contracting malaria on a good-will
    mission in Liberia. We’re told the troops will be safe and there is no, or
    at least “minimal,” chance of them becoming infected but this is merely
    propaganda, and just like recent historical cases involving malaria, there
    is a real chance troops will be infected and possibly returning to the US
    before being diagnosed, just as in the Dallas ebola case.

  14. Wow this is scary. The more people Ebola infects the more mutations ill
    will accumulate, thus possibly becoming a pandemic. This is basic
    biological science, but just like Carl Sagan said, In America we have a
    combustible mixture of technology and ignorance that eventually will blow
    up in our faces. 

  15. He sounds like a raving lunatic.
    And you can see even Lou Dobbs’ smug face can’t believe what’s coming out
    of Gomert’s mouth.

  16. Honestly what the actual fuck is wrong with America? Here in Britain a
    fucking senile retard like that wouldn’t get a podium never mind the light
    of day on television 

  17. gohmert is unimpressive until you realize all he has accomplished while
    being mentally handicapped. A truly remarkable man.

  18. The only Fox news I see is on here, btw!
    Oh I know they can build a fence to keep them in, just like here on the

  19. Imagine if ebola killed 600,000 Americans a year. That’s pretty damn
    terrifying. We’d do everything we could to stop it.
    In reality Ebola has killed basically ZERO people here. Heart disease
    however HAS killed 600,000 Americans a year. The second we do anything to
    stop preventable heart disease we’re called fascists, or socialists. Why
    are you afraid of one and not the other?

  20. It’s a tough call, who is dumber, Dobbs or Gomer Pyle. Dobbs is like a dumb
    smart-guy whereas the other dude is like a ‘short-bus’ kind of dumb. Which
    is worse, Dobbs!

  21. I can’t help but wonder about the intelligence of the people of Texas who
    keep electing this butthole. This is proof that the people who elect him
    must be lacking intelligence.

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