Lindsey Graham Destroys Eric Holder

Lindsey Graham vs. Attorney General Eric Holder


  1. white house must went thru whole lot trouble in finding such stupid guy like holder for the job, it takes a more stupid man to hire him.

  2. he is not a citizen of the united states, no Miranda rights needed, military, they keep the waters muddy as long as they can

  3. If by destroy you mean Lindsay spoke the most words and spoke emphatically perhaps. But if you consider the content, what was spoken and 20/20 hindsight AG Eric Holder won. Eric Holder's argument is that we have not captured Osama bin Laden so why are we talking about whether bin Laden should or should not get the Miranda rights? It is but a hypothetical example and the AG has way more pressing matters. Indeed, time has proven Holder's right, we killed bin Laden…Lindsay's entire argument is uselsss. Another short sighted Republican that could not withstand the test of time.

  4. Where does the president stick his hand to control this idiots lips. Just like our President this guy won't answer a question. Is there any one in this country that thinks Hillary will be any different? The saddest thing is a large number don't care as long as they get their hand outs. I hope I am alive when the system crashes an I can witness the riots in the streets.

  5. Nice job, Lisa. I'm sure it took. You hack.

    Just get out of our way. You suck at your job. No, really. You really do.

    And don't suggest or claim that you are defending "conservatives".

    We are the bunny ears asshole.

  6. Talk talk and talk but NEVER take any action … just TV time for this dog and pony show .. congressmen and senators NEVER do anything but talk …

  7. Why cant we start prosecuting congressmen like Graham, Chavettz and Issa for their crimes against Americans? By the way Cynthia Mason, the "traitors" working for the NSA, the CIA, DHS, FBI, and the Secret Service aren't traitors. They are doing what their doing with the direct permission and oversight of the very same congressmen you see here. Graham, Chavettz and Issa and so forth.
    Those agency's are the ones that allow us the means and intel to kill all the terrorists that we've killed so far. I'm glad we have them. If you don't like what their doing then maybe you should ask the very congressional committee that over-see's each agency. Thats if you can stand to weed through over 200 congressional committee's in Washington.
    These "traitors" you speak of do these things because they are directed by Congress.

  8. what the fuck does that have to do with anything Lindsay? If we found aliens on the moon Mr. holder how would you try him? Asshat Lindsay Graham.

  9. LOl all these right wing religious extremists are entertaining. Good thing there are people stupid enough to elect these worthless sacks of crap or else I would be denied that entertainment. Thanks dipshits. Christians and their precieved rights and denial of the same to others make me sick but the power they once had is disappearing. Soon you worthless welfare fucks will have to pay your own taxes instead of begging for handouts from the American Taxpayer. Why should we support your houses of hate and political stupidity?  You complain about people on foodstamps and then beg for money. Its absolutely sickening and all of these things are going to backfire. The second you say its ok to deny people service based on one thing is the second you make it ok to deny service to Chirstians (Evangelicals in particular) ALL services. Lets see how your ass likes walking across the country when no one will let you on a bus, plane, OR sell you a car. Stupid motherfuckers. Your guns are next and your churches after that. Its all coming down and you brought it on yourself.

  10. Someone please tell me why I watch videos like this? Eric Witholder is a spawn of satin. He makes me want to run out and hit him square in his jaw with a 9 millimeter round that could be traced back to the Fast and Furious debacle.
     Yeah I said it and may I add Fuck Off to the traitors working for the NSA, the CIA, DHS, FBI, and the Secret Service. I am sure I missed some others but I am tired of typing. LOL

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