Lindsey Graham Chokes Up Talking About Joe Biden

In this preview clip from ’16 and President, Senator Lindsey Graham gets emotional when discussing his longtime friend Vice President Joe Biden.
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Story Written By Scott Conroy
Video Produced By Jon Strauss
Cinematography By Jon Strauss and Samuel Wilkes
Associate Production By Marielle Olentine


  1. I think this interview & Biden's interview with Colbert talking about the grieving process and faith have been the most candid moments of this election cycle. I know, it's not policy or whatever, but we're over a year away from the general, get over it. It's just refreshing to see our representatives talk openly (but with class… ehm… Trump).

  2. I'm sure they were talking about the future of there families. Our families don't mean jack crap to the elite. Wonder how there future is gonna turn out compared to us peons?

  3. Beautiful insight into the human being. When all is said and done, and it will be for ALL of us one day, we are all just human beings. The differences and walls we build between us are a heartbreak to our creator and cause us so much misery. Such a shame that we waste our time fighting. Imagine what a wonderful world we could create if we put that same energy into taking care of each other. Sigh……

  4. Joe Biden is one of the best men in DC. He never let the poison and the stench of politics claim is soul or morals.  He is a gem of a human being.

  5. I'm not a fan of Senator Graham politically but I truly gained some respect for him here.  And it sounds like Joe Biden is a fine person.  May God bless them both.

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