LiberalViewer Sunday LIVE Clip Round-Up – Russia, NSA Spying – Bill Maher, Ron Wyden & MORE!

Tonight! Clips possibly scheduled: Cecily Strong, Colin Jost on Saturday Night Live; Bill Maher on Real Time with Bill Maher; Amb Sergey Kislyak, Assemblyman…


  1. If the iwatch is the medical device I think it is, it will have a
    watch-like component and a ring-like component for monitoring vital signs.

  2. It is 100% irellevant who “holds” peoples personal data ^^ Once collected
    it will be there forever, available for misuse by the rich/powerful to
    pressure and blackmail any future politicians or “troublemakers”, whether
    it ever makes it into the hands of NSA matters less.

  3. I see your Silver Play button there! Congrats! I don’t know if you got it
    recently, but usually Colbert’s book sits where the medal now rests.

  4. Megan Kelly sat there and let him get away with this? She should know what
    birth control does I mean being a woman and all

  5. The Supreme Court is supreme because it has been deigned so as a check and
    balance against congressional and executive abuse. It’s only purpose is to
    determine the constitutional law

  6. If a corporation is a person then has the attributes of the people that
    comprise it. I don’t completely agree that corporations should have
    attributes of the people that comprise it.

  7. The way the US is now in global policy makes isolationism not viable or
    beneficial, he dosen’t believe in evolution, etc…

  8. Even fox news praises nate silver..Does that mean he’s better than their
    people they have on their panels these so called experts?

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