Lawrence: Donald Trump’s Worst Impulse Is Appointing Incompetent People | The Last Word | MSNBC

Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen has been asked to provide documents & information in the Russia probe. Lawrence O’Donnell says if Cohen handles the probe like he’s handled Trump’s legal cases, the president is in trouble. Ron Klain & Jeremy Bash join.
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Lawrence: Donald Trump’s Worst Impulse Is Appointing Incompetent People | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. The problem with the "Confederacy of Dunces" quote is that there is no true genius they are against, they are just a circle of idiots with no apparent purpose other than trying to ineptly control their situation.

  2. — If Kushner is doing all of the Russian nonsense and the efficiency drive for the whole US goverment departments he will have to solve the Middle East peace process at weekends !

  3. Trump is use to surrounding himself with ''YES'' men [ regardless of how incompetent they are ] who pledge their loyalty to him only. I mean look at his cabinet picks and White House staff. The majority of them have absolutely no government experience to draw from. I'm hoping after this disaster of a mess is over with that Congress will pass a law that will prevent this from ever happening again. Whoever runs for President must have a background in government. Governors,,members of Congress,,,people who are familiar with how the system runs. It's just too dangerous to let inexperienced people have that kind of power ever again.

  4. Why did Cohen think that rejecting the requests for documents would do anything other than cause a subpoena to show up? Did he think that refusing to comply to the request would mean everyone else would just leave the documents alone or something?

  5. Donald the con Trump has shady dealings with the Russians, the Russians helped him win the election Clinton warned against and evidence can be proven in France election but they (Russian) didnt succeed. Trump's tax returns have all the answers needed trust me folks. But i was happy that he was owned by someone half his age at world stage because he is simply stupid and more stupider are his supporters…Faux News too not excluded.

  6. Wake up, turn on tv, see how previous day's leak/discovery/scandal is going, hear about new/proposed Republican-concocted bill/mandate/law/executive order assault on environment/disadvantaged groups/education/health care, turn off tv, eat breakfast, go to work, lunch, finish work, return home, turn on tv, dinner learn about new leak/discovery/scandal, turn off tv, sleep, repeat.

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