Lawrence: Donald Trump Making ‘Increasingly Incoherent’ Russia Statements | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence O’Donnell points out the President is making claims about his campaign’s ties to Russia that directly contradict other claims he’s made about his campaign’s ties to Russia. The White House is doing everything it can to manage that.
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Lawrence: Donald Trump Making ‘Increasingly Incoherent’ Russia Statements | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Mr. O'Donnell. Please. You're making a huge mistake.
    Donald Trump can afford a lot of things. Like competent hairstylists. Do you see how that turned out for him? What, you think all of a sudden he's going to hire a campaign manager with a different amount of care and consideration? What's the definition of insanity, Mr. O'Donnell? It's doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Don't be insane. Stop expecting Trump to achieve a different result other than failure.

  2. The Trump children do NOT love their father. What loving son/daughter would let their father be the laughingstock around the planet and do nothing about it? They all are money-grabber poisonous snakes. If my father showed signs of mental illness, I would take immediate action and have him examined. I would not let him be exposed and ridiculed by so many people around the world. I would shield him from all the mockery and the whispers behind his back, because a man deserves to leave this world with a shred of dignity, regardless of what he's done in his life. Unfortunately, Trump deserves the children he contributed procreate.

  3. This is getting to the point where I'm just happy that Trump is still wearing pants. We are fast approaching the day he shuffles out of the White House, wearing only an open gold-coloured bathrobe, screaming "It could have been beautiful!" over and over again at the trees.

  4. No, really, this country has become a banana republic, where Putin has installed a puppet of his liking, just as the US has done an did previouslyfor decades all over the world . How ironic! The master puppeteers got beaten at their own game, brilliantly, by Russia. They are really enjoying this sad and pathetic show. And to top it all off, Trump is senile, everyone can see this. It´s historic.

  5. The way Sarah Sanders looks down as she says he weighed in is because she knew she was telling another lie.

  6. That says a lot about the GOP. They are willing to let an incoherent, mentally ill, demented or insane man remain as President…because he STILL has the ability to sign his name to whatever paper they put in front of him…


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