LAPD Executes Homeless Man In The Street

“Los Angeles police fatally shot a homeless man on Sunday in a disturbing encounter that was caught on video. According to the Los Angeles Times, the man, whom witnesses called “Africa,” was…


  1. There should be outrage, riots and protests over this. This is fucking

    Those cops were fucking animals, they brutalized that man and executed him
    over nothing. I don’t care if he reached for thier gun there were lots of
    cops there and they could of easily overpowered him. This is a man that
    barely has enough to eat let alone fight that many strong cops.

    Police executing people over nothing.

  2. A guy tried to punch me? Better shoot him! Cause you know, me and my fellow
    SIX officers have no other choice but to kill you because you’re an
    imminent threat to all our lives.

  3. Why didn’t the people watching help and shoot those cops for illegal murder?

    I mean everyone is armed in America and they state often that they are
    armed to stop shit like this, yet when it happens nobody does anything.

    The only thing worse than an evil man committing atrocities is someone
    standing idly by and watching him do it.

  4. He came really close to shooting his coworker too. He was a panicked
    bitch, a panicked bitch with a gun.

  5. Look how GIANT they all are compared to how little he was. Was jumping him
    really needed? one guy could have just sat on him easily.

  6. A man is dead. Murdered. By local government sanctioned “police’ This
    poor soul is one of thousands murdered by these poorly trained, poorly
    chosen individuals. I am sick to my stomach!!

  7. The now-deceased man threw a punch at the officers and gained possession of
    one of their firearms, and so I have to admit that the shooting was
    justified. Having said that, perhaps police should be trained to not engage
    in close-quarters combat with a suspect in order to prevent situations in
    which a suspect can grab their firearm.

  8. These cops, like many others, are so out of shape and extremely unskilled
    in self defense close combat. Its sad. If 5 officers can’t take down 1 guy,
    there’s a problem.

  9. Police get bonuses if they shoot people.
    + If they’re black
    + If they’re unarmed
    + If they’re mentally unstable
    San Antonio, Texas. My hometown, Finally texas does something good. 

  10. When will they give cops a better training? It obviously looks like these
    guys have a lack of skills, so there only option is the gun.

  11. How many murders dose it take to ignite rage in Americans. Remember the
    Boston massacre? Americans will trash a city over a football game but most
    will turn a blind eye to police shooting citizens. That is Depressing. 

  12. This is what happens when you let untrained baboons carry firearms. Police
    should not carry firearms, end of. This is just another case of ‘legal’
    murder. They know they can get away with it, so they treat the streets like
    the wild west. I’m glad that I live in a country where if I slightly
    disagree with a policeman I won’t get executed, gangland style. Police do
    not need more than a baton, pepper spray, taser, and cuffs. 

  13. He may have reached for your gun, but if you are able to stand and shoot.
    then your gun was obviously able to be protected without violence 

  14. if the homeless man really did take the officer’s gun and another shot him
    as a result. i dont blame the cops. i blame the one who did not protect his
    own firearm enough, that person should be fired. protecting your firearm
    from getting into another person’s hands is one of the most important
    things i cop must do. that being said I dont think the cops needed to
    tackle him to the ground to violently before the shots were fired.

  15. People kill me with the ; Ohh it’s six huge guys vs one little guy stuff.
    Okay understand this, he’s mentally ill, meaning he has no restraint, in
    his mind he’s fighting for his life.

    It’s very hard to restrain these people when they go off, no matter how big
    a person is. This is why you will see 5-6 people in mental institutions
    trying to restrain one patient. It reducing your chances and the patient’s
    chances of obtaining serious injuries.

    It’s very sad that this man had to be executed. But all training aside,
    when a person goes for a cops gun, and in this case a guy fighting for his
    life ( in his mind ) you won’t have a second to get back and hope he
    doesn’t have your gun. Your life and the life of your fellow officers are
    the only thing that matters at that moment.

    Do you make it home safe or do you die because you want to give a raging
    mentally ill person a chance to think about his actions with your gun in
    his hands???

    To the one’s who love to make this a Democrat vs Republican or Liberal vs
    Conservative thing, I’m a Democrat, Christian who happens to believe in
    carrying a fire arm.


  16. Just another innocent person murdered by a gang of trigger happy madmen. So
    fucking tired of these stories.

  17. what I dont get is…they step back and round hits the guy and
    at this point he is on the ground and he is harmless and wounded..why would
    you shoot him again and again… I dont get that

  18. You are 6 on him, already taser him. Wtf guys? They ought to be out of the
    force until the investigations are over, the investigation must be done
    both internally and from an independent body. I would even add that no
    income should be given to these officers until their name are cleared, if
    their name are cleared from criminal accusations. Without moral, government
    is just a bunch of thugs, and thugs are ineffective at leading and managing

  19. The police see homeless people as almost animal in nature, they aren’t
    humans to them simply worthless and annoying creatures they have to deal

    If you can shoot a man dead and make damn sure you put him to death by
    shooting multiple times you have no respect for that life at all. If this
    was a well dressed person that would not of happened (this is not a black
    or white issue because white homeless people have been put to death like
    this before too).

    It’s sad but society will probably see it the same way, chances of this cop
    facing charges are almost nothing, if this was a rich white or black guy
    those cops would be fucked. Even if he went for his gun, there were
    fucking 5 of them there, they couldn’t control him? Was he a homeless body
    builder or some shit?

  20. what happened to shooting a leg or hand when a police officer feel
    threatened.Just has to kill thats what all these pigs know

  21. There are three problems here that I can see. Foremost is the
    militarization of the police, also the marginalization of the weak, and
    finally the prevalence of firearms. Other first world nations have handled
    each of these problems in different ways, I might go so far as to say
    better ways. As a Canadian, I am astonished at what has happened the United
    States. Here we are with similar histories, similar population mixes,
    similar environments, etc… And America has gone down this dark and
    depressing road of violence and disenfranchisement. It’s like having a
    sibling who starts hanging out with the wrong people, makes a few short
    sighted decisions, and then winds up a bad ass gang-banger without the
    wherewithal to see a way out of the narrow confines of their self imposed
    worldview. I’d rather travel to mexico at this point, at least there the
    illusion of fair policing and wise jurisprudence has already been
    overthrown so I won’t be deluded into thinking I am safe. 

  22. This is why we need gun rights. The police state will only be checked when
    armed men defend themselves from this kind of state sanctioned aggression.

  23. America scares me so much, its like common sense is not that common with
    police officers, like how many stories like this have i seen on TYT any way
    ‘Maurica, greatest country in the world right. 

  24. I don’t know how people can’t hear he clearly says “Drop the gun! Drop my
    gun! Give me my gun! HE HAS A GUN!” then the shots are fired. It’s clear as
    day.. You never want to reach and take a cop’s gun because..well, this WILL
    happen. Sure the guy was in a mental institution but the cops didn’t know
    that. Taser wasn’t effective and he was still resisting with much force
    then he went for the gun as it sounds. The only thing is we can’t 100% say
    they opened fire once they visually confirmed he did indeed take the cop’s
    gun Very unfortunate all around..

  25. How can citizens of the wealthiest country in the world, accept having so
    many mentally unstable, vulnerable and frightened homeless people living
    rough on the streets?
    Why aren’t the politicians being lobbied to provide accommodation and
    mental health assistance?
    Lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves for not working to prevent this
    selfish inhumane cruelty occur under their watch.
    The sad truth is that money matters much more than people in shameless
    A very strange, cruel and inhumane outcome from such a proud, self
    professing Christian society.

  26. I know how this looks and I’m sick of the over the top cops too- but a
    crazed man that has taken three taser shots, snatched a baton and is still
    able to fight off these cops- what else could they have really done- let
    him kill them instead? Sometimes we have to be realistic instead of overly
    emotional when it comes to our own well being- as many people that are
    saying the cops were badly trained- sure they were but would you have let
    this crazed guy kill you for the sake of looking good for the masses- like
    the saying goes- it’s better to be judged by then carried by- tyt you all
    are quickly becoming anti cop muckrakers – the cops aren’t always wrong in
    using deadly force- cut the agenda laden bullshit.

  27. Oh, he had a knife, OH, he was being aggressive, OH! he threw a punch. I
    DON’T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE! If you’re cop and someone tries to hit you MAN
    DANGEROUS. If you don’t like that it’s dangerous, DON’T BECOME A COP IN THE

  28. The police officer on top of the man swipes his hand down and unclasps his
    pistol accidentally I assume, he then attempt to secure his gun while still
    trying to subdue the homeless man as he had topped him at that point. The
    cop Clearly states “get off my gun, get off my gun” then as he knows
    already he lost control of his firearm. (Which btw doesn’t show the
    homeless man take possession of the firearm in any way) his verbage changes
    to “he’s got my gun he’s got my gun” at that point under his own lack of
    attention for his firearm the homeless man was murdered by the partners of
    this irresponsible man and the whole of LAPD!!

  29. you should stop saying that your not teaching him a lesson (the homeless
    man) because the lesson is not for him, its for the rest of the people, it
    is a treat to everyone else (do as i say in the order that i said or i will
    execute you).

  30. Cops are simply not trained on deescalation any more. Act quick and move
    the fuck on. I bet I could have talked that man into taking his tent down
    or shit it would have been night by the time I thought I was going to get
    it to take it down. All of this because he had a tend up?

  31. Nothing but diseases and crime comes from these mentally challenged filthy
    street dwellers. This “public execution” was nothing more than the greatest
    public service anyone has provided the city of Los Angeles this year.

  32. How can reckless can the cops be? He could’ve easily hit one of his fellow
    officers. Not to say the shooting was justified, just from another angle
    it’s also the most reckless thing a cop could do.

  33. One simple cure for a lot of these situations: 1. Decriminalize/Legalize
    drugs. It works, and does not lead too more abuse, something Portugal
    proved since 1990. 2. Legalize/regulate gambing. 3. Legalize/regulate
    prostitution. There might be a few more points. “But how would this help
    these situations?” well… If you do all of these steps, you need a lot
    less cops, fewer prison guards, prisons… Fewer cops, that have too face
    harder acceptance criteria at the academy weeding out more bad apples, then
    more time and resources too train and maintain knowledge about laws, self
    defense techniques and so on. 

  34. If you need special training to be told not to shoot somebody or kill them
    maybe you’re too fucked up to be on the force to begin with.

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