Kyrgyzstan’s untapped coal potential

Kyrgyzstan has enough coal to power the central Asian country for centuries, but with a lack of roads it has struggled to get the vital mineral from the mines to the markets. But one miner…


  1. Finally, some news that doesn’t stir up the usual “coal mine is bad and
    everyone in it should feel bad” cliche

    If a country is bestowed with rich natural resources, those resources must
    be fully utilized to the benefit and prosperity of the people

    Nothing wrong with extracting and utilizing natural resources (in this case
    coal) problem mostly arise from weak inspection or corrupt/greedy
    regulation official. Take for example norway or australia, whose economy
    rely on extraction of hydrocarbon resources yet both countries prosper.

    I wish the people of kyrgiztan all the best

  2. haven’t man learned from the others like US and China. the destruction of
    the coal industries toward the environment. stop calling it a holy mountain
    when knowing that it will be destroyed and leveled for coal. this
    industries also will destroy the culture of the community and lead them
    displaced, exploited and oppressed by the big corporation. be careful what
    you wish for, or you will regret and hope not to wish it at the first

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