Koch Brothers Spent Millions To Put A Climate Change Denier In Charge Of EPA

A new report shows that the Koch Brothers spent part of a $3.1 million fund to help get Scott Pruitt installed as the head of the EPA.  Pruitt is a climate change denier who sued the EPA repeatedly as Attorney General of Oklahoma, a state where the Kochs do a lot of environmental damage, and they wanted to return the favors that he has so graciously bestowed upon them. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
Link – https://www.salon.com/2017/04/30/koch-industries-spent-3-1-million-to-help-confirm-scott-pruitt-as-head-of-the-epa-filings-show/

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  1. Can we put the Koch brothers on trial and execute them for their crimes to the planet and to humanity?

  2. There has to come a point when Americans have to wake up; find their balls and fight back against the insiders taking over their country. You fought to free yourself from one aristocracy but have slept walked into replacing it with another

  3. FUCKING KOCH SUCKERS. these greedy brothers are what trump really is. he cares not for the little guy. he pulled the greatest con in american history.

  4. Exactly how much money is enough? Or is it that at this level Unlimited Power is the goal? IS there no self reflection on whether you are leaving the world better than you found it. It helps to understand these Tools when you learn that their father was a Nazi who hired a Nazi nanny from Germany. When are the "elite" going to understand that you just can't have kids and then hand them over to a nanny or send them to boarding school and then expect to have a decent human being when they grow up.

  5. Whats the Problem of Koch with climate change? they have enough money so they dont care anyway and are not harmed by it ??? they are old enough, they will not be effected by climate change…

  6. I never understand why these kind of cocksucker billionaires want more and more and more, endlessly. How much do you need? And why do you always want to take money from poor people to add to your coffers? Why the fuck are these maggots soooo greedy.

    These people are mentally challenged. Also, these 2 maggots have never worked a day in their useless, vacuous lives. But they want all of YOUR money because they are, like drumpf, fucking insane…

  7. I know violence is never the right answer, but would anyone miss Rex, D.T., or SP if they were sentenced to the Gallows? It's awful but awful men don't deserve much better.

  8. You are wrong…study! Global warming causes sea levels to fall, not rise. All kinds of dire predictions have been made over the last three decades, since the UN and NWO colluded to create climate scare. It has not happened.
    Miami is a specific case where sea level is rising, and there are others, but sea level is not rising everywhere. In the American east coast, and many other places, sea level is falling. Overall, sea level has been falling, not rising!
    By pushing this climate scare, you are supporting a conspiracy to wipe out population by the most insidiously evil elite. For goodness sake study! I am amazed at the strength of grip NWO propaganda has on the American mind.

  9. No one! I repeat NO ONE is laughing at the USA.
    Most of us are still staring in disbelieve and terror. Climate change doesn't stop at the border.

  10. The Australian psychic medium Vine says Robert Mercer is most responsible. Charles Koch did not support Trump's election but Robert Mercer clearly did.

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