Kiev, Washington claim ‘terrorists’ killed in Mariupol, footage shows civilians

Russia’s Foreign Minister has called on the US to urge Kiev to stop its military crackdown in Ukraine’s east. Meanwhile Kiev insists the violence in Mariupol was the result of a terror attack…


  1. Now the Russians need us 🙂
    We want a full apology from Pubitch first….Then we’ll think about helping

  2. How Russia provokes victims. Watch video on my channel – Terrorists use
    Human Shield in Mariupol

  3. All Civilians must stay inside unless you support the Pro Russian
    Insurgents from Crimea. All Civilians caught outside during fighting might
    get hurt – ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. The Russian Language has always been used
    in Ukraine and recognized 2:00. The Army is doing their job and this is
    small Pro Russian clans of people being caught in the middle.

  4. Is anyone in the world, including the USA, even surprised that the US
    government would tell lies? Remember how they lied about the Gulf of
    Tonken? Or how they lied about Iraq… the list of their lies is as long
    as a mobsters rap-sheet.

  5. Washington’s words are basically this. Anyone who disagrees with us are
    terrorists and should be eliminated which especially includes the people,
    protesters, and civil populations. It’s either you’re a terrorist or you
    join us!

  6. why would you go unarmed against tanks? wtf are thees people idiots? its
    war isn’t it? go get some guns and anti tank guns and kill the bastards,
    but don’t cry when you loose to tank :D

  7. Remember the lies Russia told about Chechnya how Russia put bombs in
    Russian building and try to blame the Chechen s…. remember that
    HEY!!!!!!! BITCH!!!!

  8. the peace of Crimea vs. the organized fascist violence against East
    Ukranians = the difference in mindset between Russia and the US Regime

  9. Fat chance of reasoning with the West. They are drunk with the blood of how
    many innocents??? They can only lust for more.

  10. I see people writting shit in comment section about how RT and Putin is
    evil…Stop it. you can’t justify what west doing by any means end of
    story. Putin took cremea without a fight and west can’t handle their own
    people without military force and warmongering.I just wonder how long it
    will take for west to brake totaly apart after seeing what they wonderful
    leaders doing in ukraine. Sooner or later west will lose this.

  11. A government that was not elected but came to power through a violent coup
    has the audacity to call others terrorists? Obviously they have no shame.

  12. That’s Pentagon trick 404. The morons did that in Vietnam already, called
    it the body count where everyone that got killed was identified as

  13. This is the Neo-Con show now that they’ve got bored wuth destroying Iraq
    and Afghanistan. What is equally boring is the info war being waged. Its
    becoming monotonous. Someone (Putin?) has to do something to kick these
    neo-con bastards in the teeeth and teach them to show a little respect for
    Russia and Russians…

  14. A nuclear Holocaust is coming! Oh God, when the nukes start falling over
    Washington, N.Y., London, Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv; and when
    radiation (and radicals) start killing millions, have at least mercy of
    those who haven’t sold their souls to the atheist gods of Hedonism,
    Deception, Greed, World domination, and Homosexuality. But, if we deserve
    to die, let not our will be done, but yours. Amen.

  15. Of course not, Washington is a den of vipers right now. God willing the
    people will get their heads out of their asses and get the garbage out of
    government… I have hope for the future, but I won’t be holding my breath
    on that for the short term.

  16. RT is Putin’s point of view. When Putin went to Georgia Putin’s TV was
    showing wounded Georgians in Georgia as pure Osetians wounded in Osetia.
    I used to live in soviet Europe so know: EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A LIE.
    What Russians are doing in Ukraine? It was The Holocaust in Ukraine in
    1931-1932. Stalinist’s Russians killed 6-7 million Ukrainians. Russians
    moved in the space after dead Ukrainians. It is still Ukraine and Russians
    ere free to stay and obey the low, or free to go back to Russia.
    Putin was ready for this aggression long before “Maidan”. It is part of
    bigger plan. First Chechnia, then Georgia, now Ukraine, than Baltic States,
    Poland, Chechoslovakia, Romania…. but of course Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan..

  17. U.S. blames Russia for everything now.
    If Kerry will have diarrhea, that’s because of Russia! Michael divorcing
    Obama, because of Russia! People are blaming McCain, because – Russia!

  18. Americunts are the new Nazis…I’ll bet the have Hitler hidden in the White
    House in cryo stasis with life-support hooked up. Along with Regan and
    Nixon being reanimated into zombies to control the buttfuck pussy Obama and
    their pussy regimes around the globe. In the foreseeable future these
    Americunts will be tried and executed for the very human rights and
    international laws they’ve violated!!!

  19. Their all trying to get Putin pissed off. Just like what they did to the
    Japanese during the 40’s.

    Trying to provoke Russia to attack the US so the Us can start another war,
    because they need that money. The dollar is getting weaken by every day.

    And what has saved the American economy other times? That’s right


    Just look upp your history, Sanctions and shit all to provoke Japan to
    attack US during the great american depression. Japan attacked. Boom

    Now the history is repeating itself.

    Watch out

  20. The US needs war to exist, ugly truth. The fat bully has truly got off the
    Big-John and will not stop terrorising the whole neighbourhood. They need
    to drive the Russian people of Ukraine to war for their lives or the US war
    industry will collapse. They threatened to flood the country with weapons
    to let the people “fight it out for themselves”, Putin pulled his
    border-guard back. No one apart from the US and their Nazi puppets in Kiev
    wants the bloodshed of another war.

  21. USA opinion should never be seen as legitimate because it is a terrorist
    regime. Russia must act to protect the Russia speaking population of

  22. The USA will be used by history much as nazi germany is used now, an
    example on how NOT to be a moral society.

  23. Nothing surprising in the fact that the US and the Pro-American mass media
    in Ukraine lie and will continue to lie. Because all actions are
    illegitimate government of Ukraine and the Americans aimed against Russia.
    Shame on the US and its accomplices in Ukraine!!!

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