Keep Up the Good Work Don

Well, Don, You’ve done it again. And once again, No, it’s not the media. No, it’s not Hilary. It’s you and no, we didn’t misinterpret it. So all I can say is the comment about second amendment people, and second amendment rights was very clear, Nobody misunderstood it. Perhaps you deliberately said it so that it could be Misunderstood or ambiguous at least. But all I have to say is just keep it up. Because you’re making it easier and easier to Hillary to just walk into the white house. There’s very little other choice since your party is going to be so divided… so it’s really just a shame. You don’t really give your party enough time to get another candidate in position. So you just dividing your party? What can I say?  Keep it up. You know for a minute, I was undecided whether I could even vote for you, but the indecision is all gone. You’re clearing it all up. I got to tell people to vote their conscience, but I can’t in good conscience tell people to vote for you. So all I can say is keep up the good work.

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