Keane’s Rape Allegations – Evan LaFavor Cooks Up Another Beat – Shives on “Free Speech” – DPP #259

This is the Drunken Peasants podcast with Ben & TJ featuring Scotty. Bringing you the latest in news, entertainment, politics from an altered perspective.

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  1. Next Brett will claim he found out the guy wasn't real and that he would never say anything like that about CheeJay. They're right, nothing at all is beneath Brett.

  2. wow at 3508 i said at the same time qas scotty "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" did not expect that lol

  3. Yankee marshal does not belong on crazy people. He's like, one of the only gun channels on youtube that's not batshit crazy right wing lunacy. He is a bit more absolutist than i am about gun shit, but dudes a straight up liberal.

    Also paul is a drooling retard about the 2nd amendment. Go read the fucking federalist papers to see what THEY thought the purpose of it was. I mean shit, The Yankee Marshal reads their own words that debunk your bullshit, and you just ignore it lol. Go look up the definition for the word "regulated", you're committing an equivocation fallacy.

  4. Brett Keane's acting is so shitty, it makes that one kid that did the lines "Oh no, it just ate her, and now it's going to eat me. Oh, my, gaaaaawd!" Look like a fucking expert.

  5. you should go through the old dp episodes. especially the early ones and add many of the iconic dp moments to best of dp channel

  6. You're wrong about the government being able to easily overpower citizens with guns. Gorilla tactics are very effective (at keeping anarchy), as we have seen.

  7. I'm fairly certain that Brett's guest is Firefly515. Not sure if he's still around as a user, but he was/is a Brett Keane butt buddy.

  8. How can scotty make fun of tj's past videos after the cowboy video and the other old scotty vids. Seriously, scotty is so fucking annoying #teamtj

  9. Am I the only one that doesn't hate egghead? He may be boring but he wasn't cringed or stupid from what I've seen. NOTE, I haven't seen the video "X-wings" is from.

  10. So when white people get shot more than blacks, it's all relative! But when blacks commit more crimes then it's racism.

    5 times more likely to commit a crime….. 5 times more likely to be shot….. No possible way those could EVER be linked!!!!!!

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