Karl Rove breaks down Donald Trump’s possible map to victory

Fox News contributor crunches the numbers on ‘Fox & Friends’


  1. keep insulting Mexicans and deport them in mass number that will get him 300 electoral votes go Trump go … Trump 2016

  2. Don't listen to this POS Trump had more votes than any other nominee in history. Trump kicked all there asses & he's going to kick that corrupt lying Clinton's ass.

  3. that lying porkie pig should apologize to the people, as should bush politicos, beg God for forgiveness and be off the air–vote Trump, an American for US.

  4. Trump Wins big league and enough about white makes are the only ones going for Trump because all races and both men and women are voting Trump regardless of the lies fabricated about him. TRUMP2016

  5. The people who have not voted in the past may well mean the change of direction from corruption to a restoration of the Republic which the Constitution says is our type of government (if we can keep it) is the Amish voters. If Hillary gets elected you will see Muslims running all over America and instituting Sharia law. This is why "they" are hell bent on taking the guns from the American people.

  6. Karl rove? Isn't he that guy that said in 2008 that McCain would win? Karl rove? Isn't he the guy that sad that Romney would win? lol and now he's saying trump would win. lol

  7. Karl Rove, Clinton Crime Family sycophant, stop pretending to be
    unbiased and for once in your life tell the truth. You are a Bush Crime
    Family Operative and you have been trying unsuccessfully to destroy
    Donald Trump for crushing Jeb Bush like a bug in the primaries. You are a
    hippocrit and a Traitor to this country. Nuff Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Internals are telling a different story folks. Trump is winning OH, FL, NC, NV and the Romney states – He is close or tied in CT, RI, NH, CO, and VA. Trump is heading toward a Reagan 1980 moment. Edit: I forgot MN where he is close and WI and MI where he is in reach and OR, yup Oregon. He is also doing very well in CA, yup California. Keep dreaming nevertrump traitors.

  9. Karl Rove is a shill for the steal.

    He falsely represents the voter fraud that is going on by citing one woman's comments WHILE IGNORING the many other citizen reports of voter fraud going on at polling booths using Democrat Soros' electronic voting machines.

  10. Karl Rove is still quoting real clear which is the averages of many rigged polls. Haven't he read wikis? Hello, anyone home? Fox should stop interviewing this pseudo expert.

  11. This man is a very low from of life . Look at his fat neck you know there using this asshole to discourage people . 

  12. There is no path to victory you piece of shit. The conservtraitor and idiot is going to lose, really, really bad

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