K.O. Sicilian ‘Santa’ slaps girl to the ground

Italian police arrested a 31-year old man for assaulting a young woman, in Genoa Wednesday. The reasons behind the attack remain unknown. CCTV footage released Friday showed the man, wearing …


  1. It is some bastard that should be punished for this, or I should say
    ,someone should give to him a tough lesson about not laying any fingers or
    hand on the girls!
    thugs like that are in every country in the world but ,I by myself probably
    would beat him to the pulp!

  2. That’s a swarthy Italian for you. He looks like he has at least a foot and
    50 lbs on her… And before you accuse me of bigotry: the exception *proves*
    the rule, not disproves it:


    Italians as a rule are a beastly bunch, so much so that apologists have to
    make excuses for them by referring to them euphemistically as “passionate”.
    And there’s no denying that all Italians are swarthy (you *do* know what
    swarthy means, right).

  3. Imagine a father walking his Daughter and this happen …What would you do?

    The simple answer should be :

    When it comes to my children……A father is the ultimate law,judge, and
    the punishment!!!

    No father should wait for the police. 

  4. I can’t stand to watch such a bastards,this man is fucking trash that has
    courage fighting with weaker,but when it comes to the people on his reach
    he would probably run away like pussy!

  5. Obviously words were exchanged or neither the girl nor the man would’ve
    began slowing down and looking at each other before the strike.

  6. What a freekin grub? He wasnt mucking around, he completely knocked her of
    her feet.
    PS I knew he wasn’t the real santa as soon as I seen him?

  7. I remember my brother telling me he asked a woman in a bar out for a date,
    she said no & he exclaimed in a loud voice 20 dollars!!??

  8. She obviously wasn’t following the rules. Red hats only, everything else
    needs to be black. Thats what she gets for not following orders.

  9. “His 20-year old victim was treated in hospital” What type of treatment do
    you need after an open hand slap?…

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