Justin Bieber Gets Roasted and Apologizes

Justin Bieber apologizes at his roast after being made fun of for HOURS. Check out our all new gaming channel SuperPanicFrenzy Launching Monday, March 23rd – https://youtu.be/1zGVjDfBLYE …


  1. I wish I was invited to this roast so I could ask Justin Bieber what Selena
    Gomez looks like up close.

  2. Of course he gets a chance to change, but he screwed up the image of
    himself over the course of 7 years? Let’s just say, when he was found on
    youtube, to present. So if he wants to change now, it will probably take a
    bare minimum of 7 years to be different enough from past Beiber to make
    society see the change. So if i see him whining about how people don’t see
    “that he has changed.” He’ll just become a whiny bitch to me, which is like
    pokemon evolution to stupid douchebag, his current form.

  3. I’m concerned that Bieber may have been dicking around all along just to
    get a roast done about him. Apparently he’s been ASKING to get roasted for
    a long time, but they said they didn’t have enough material. Now as soon as
    he gets his roast, he publicly apologizes all over the damn place. I don’t
    know. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit. But it’s a theory. 

  4. It would be nice if he changes, he has made some pretty good songs in the
    past and I really only think the fame and money got to him because he was
    super young. Hey if he really wants to stop being a totally asshole then I
    say let him and if he doesn’t change then the world will just keep moving
    on. lol 🙂 

  5. Are they each filmed separately? At one point Will’s arm passes over
    Steve’s body and it looks like it’s super imposed on it.

  6. Biebs has never needed anyone’s permission to be a better person. All he
    has to do is go ahead and be a better person. There are little glimmers of
    hope for the guy’s life and I think he can pull out of his brazen lifestyle

  7. How the hell you guys are to be talking about giving secons chances to a
    person??? Im being sincere here, americans ridicoulously ( or however you
    say it XD) hate justin, he isnt a person i would like to hang out whit, but
    hate him more than a murderer, or a rapist?

    Who is whit me?

    And if you are against me give me reasons why we should care so much about
    a brat.

  8. if bieber really said that his past behavior was an act and that it’s
    society’s fault, i don’t believe he’s changed at all. as long as he doesn’t
    owe up to being a huge douche, i wouldn’t count on him changing a bit

  9. No bieber does not deserve a second change because he was finally “Man”
    enough to apologize after he got roasted. So this means he does not want to
    get roasted again.

  10. Personally, who cares….? Of course it is good that he wants to be a
    better person but that should already be expected of everyone and not
    really glorified(and i know no one is perfect). Sadly this world will never
    experience that. All in all, good for him, it doesn’t effect me. 

  11. Man, there are so many people on this planet that would have done worse in
    his position as it relates to fame and money. I personally don’t care about
    him. I mean yeah, he does stupid things but it doesn’t impact me personally
    so whatever. But I always want people striving to be better and we should
    encourage that. 

  12. “Justin, I had heard you had died, but before I could even reply to such a
    radical moment, I read comments about how a girl cried for your death not
    being real, that there is real sadness”.

  13. HOLD IT
    roasts are got good people who we can make fun and laugh with them but
    Justin beaber is a joke why joke a jokser if it was a hero that’s fine but
    Justin seriously comedy central need to fix there shit

  14. I’m not a fan of Justin but if he can change I say give him a second
    chance. He is talented and you can’t take that away. His previous actions
    however…..he has a long way to go. 

  15. For some reason I need to watch PanicFrenzy, a new show airing on the 23rd
    of March.

    /monotone zombie voice

    What? Who? What year is it? 

  16. It’ll be interesting to see if there are any bieber fans who watch
    SourceFed and would attack you guys for making fun of him the way slipknot
    fans went after you for making fun of them in that video last week.

  17. dont know whether this is giving him a chance or not but just observe his
    behaviour from here on out and draw your opinion from that the way you did

  18. to roughly quote a movie: “I (Justin Bieber) may get older, but 12 year
    olds stealing money from their parents to buy my music will always stay the

  19. As much I want to see this little shit knocked on his ass by someone, if he
    can change himself to be less of a prick I say give him that chance.

  20. Should we give him a chance to change?
    Dude, he’s had like 5 years to change.
    Some people change their life around in a week. Some do it in a day. Hell
    some people change their life on the turn of a dime.
    No. Nah. Nope. Until he donates like half his money away, rebuilds a park,
    stops making everything about him, follows the laws, actually stops being
    an annoying human being to the population…. eh…
    yeah. a lot to do.

    Nope. no chance.
    Sorry biebs, still hate the ever living fuck outta you. 

  21. I literally don’t give a f*** what people say. I listen to what I want. If
    you don’t like it, then that’s tooooo baaaad. There is no point in me
    wasting years of my life hating someone for what I don’t know. Honestly,
    never have I once got a legit reason as to why people hated him until he
    started giving people a reason to hate him so as far as I was concerned,
    people hated him just to be part of the in-crowd.

    Nevertheless, he probably did some stupid sh*t. But you’d want someone to
    forgive you for what you’ve done. So I say do the same. If he’s sincere,
    give the guy a chance.

  22. I’ll give that D bag a chance when he give that janitor who’s bukit he peed
    in a million dollars

  23. Not gonna lie, his hair actually looks horrible during the roast. Should’ve
    shaved for this but now he looks like he overslept on the day and dumped a
    cup full of hair gel onto his hair in a rush to look presentable.

    They can however be kept successfully in captivity, in a large enclosure,
    with a shit load of enrichment for mental stimulation so they don’t go
    insane and social companions OF THEIR OWN SPECIES so they don’t go insane.

  25. The Guy is barely 21, he’s at the age where you start to review your past
    mistakes and immaturity’s and try to improve and mature and become a better
    person. Therefore he deserves the chance. Plus if he achieves this and
    turns everything around he’ll be respected by a lot people. Time will tell

  26. Maybe if Justin Bieber let a few people punch him in the face, we can all
    forgive him and wipe the slate clean.

  27. i personally never cared how he acted he’s music to me is garbage compared
    to other artist today i just hope people realized that he asked to be
    roasted being roasted is an honor so he did not deserve nor gained this
    honor he just did it so people would be more willing to forgive him

  28. I believe the internet has to share some of the blame for the way justin
    beiber acted. I remember when baby came out. He wasn’t doing anything
    douche , he was just a bad singer who became famous. The hate he got from
    that song would turn anyone insane 

  29. “That “A” on my chest like adultery
    That “A” on my chest, put your fist up
    That “A” on my chest like a chipmunk”

  30. I wouldn’t give it to him a second chance, many talented artists never even
    get a first chance and he took a dump on his. Also I really don’t believe
    he would change anyway.

  31. I think everyone deserves a 2nd chance..but sometimes frm further away. JB,
    I will giv u a 2nd chance…but 1st go back to Canada.

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