Justin Bieber Explains God To You

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  1. I am on vacation, so I’m posting this video by Cult of Dusty about Justin
    Bieber’s recent comments about God.

  2. I completely understand why atheists believe that religion is bullshit, I
    choose to believe in some sort of an after life, not because thats what
    I’ve been brainwashed into believing there is an almighty god in the sky
    but because I just don’t want to die and there to be……nothing. Thats a
    horrifying thing to think about. So as far fetched as religion seems, it
    has its place.
    Ohhh and yeah Justin bieber is the biggest dumb ass to ever exist

  3. I get the feeling Justin Butthurt has been watching TAA videos about him
    and wishes for a more personal confrontation.

  4. I can’t say i enjoy watching a grown ass man making fun of a pre pubescent
    What i dislike even more is that i agree with him, possibly the most
    pathetic celebrity ever, supporting causes that he himself have clearly
    proven to the public that he could not give any more fucks about to begin
    with. If he was real, maybe it wouldnt leave such a bitter taste, i mean,
    religious people have a bad history when it comes to proving stuff,
    especially their own judgment and logic.

  5. If you think about it (and research), Hitler was better then history makes
    him. His second in command did all the Jew capturing and killing, while
    Hitler brought a country out of it’s ruin and worst time ever.

  6. I don’t like this guy, he’s too mean spirited. I’m not some hippie faggot,
    but you do not scold the stupid. It solves nothing.

    You either ignore stupid people and let evolution take care of them or you
    reason with them politely, and if they’re unreasonable. Ignore them.

    This is my problem with most youtube atheist, they say they set out to
    spread logic and reason but all they’re doing is generating hate. 

  7. gettin pretty sick of all these random ppl who aren’t TJ. Why have they all
    got together like some fucking Atheist network, where they do shit videos
    and sell us Tshirts?

  8. If you want change, you have to force it every now and then. Nearly all
    great change in society was forced by violence and anything we might
    consider bad.
    For example WW2 was tragic and left a big scar on humanity, but it was also
    responsible for giving society the physical and mental boost it needed.
    Sitting down and ignoring your surroundings won’t change anything. Unless
    you don’t want things to change. Unless you’re afraid of it.

  9. I believe in God, but my idea of God is just an apathetic, unfeeling entity
    that is made up of energy. No heaven or hell, no savior no bullshit. I
    think all religion is fake.

  10. Eradicate all religions? I’m not religious at all. I wouldn’t really
    identify with any religion. We should all acknowledge that religion itself
    is not bad; it’s what people do with it. People should be intolerant of
    radicals – not the whole group. Refusing to coexist will make you a bitter,
    judgmental person. Justin Bieber is stupid though, I agree with that :P

  11. MOCK THEM INTO NON-EXISTENCE!!! Love the Cult of Dusty as always! Keep up
    the great work. LOGIC MOTHERFUCKERS 

  12. so, is he saying mock religious people and shame them for being open about
    their religion? because if he is then he is no better than religious people
    forcing gay people into the closet about being open about their sexuality.
    if he isn’t, please enlighten me because that’s how it seemed to me. 

  13. Yes, that’ll show Christians we’re morally superior by promoting hatred and

  14. Cool video I hope TJ is having a great Atheist vacation and stops by Ok to
    tell those motherfuckers they are going to get a public statue of Baphomet
    (sic) I’m not a Satanist so don’t rag on me for mispelling it.

  15. I don’t mind peoples religion, Christians, Jew,s Muslims etc. etc
    Problem is that just like the ancient times with Zeus, Anubis, Odin….
    That shit is manipulative as fucking hell

  16. Not a christian, but yes he was sent down to die so Christianity would have
    a symbol to follow. Symbols are one of the most important pieces in
    recognition of a group of people so it was mandatory to have a symbol made.
    How? By making a traumatic effect on people so they have guilt and
    sympathy and possibly a bit of empathy for the occurrence and therefore
    become more attached to god and jesus. Think if Jesus hadn’t died. There
    wouldn’t be as many christians because there wouldn’t be a symbol with a
    story behind it.

    This video was rather retarded. The guy doesn’t know much of anything
    about the religion to argue back against it. This is one of the most
    simple things to explain about the christian faith and he didn’t even know
    about it. 

  17. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by being so hateful, saying you want
    to eradicate religious people off the face of the earth is just as hateful
    (if not more) than most of the things atheists criticize believers of

  18. When you say “eradicate” religion people might mistake that for “killing”
    the people that believe in it but that’ll just encourage them because they
    will have a bunch of “martyrs”.

    You may need to be more specific and say that you want the belief system to
    go away, not the people, you want religion to fade from existence which I
    think is already underway. What worries me is that it might be replaced by
    a new religion because people are dumb and want to believe in imaginary
    friends so that they can have some child-like comfort in life.

  19. I just got done listening to Led Zepplin just to find this in my
    subscriptions box. What a fucking find!

  20. Believing in a god is fine but as soon as someone starts telling what he
    approves of, who he loves, or how he wants you to act that’s when it goes
    too far.

  21. I’m an atheist, but I still believe that people should have the right to
    believe in whatever they want. I may not hold the same beliefs, but if
    someone has a different point of view they are free to have it.

  22. Yeah, you can’t forgive someone by killing your own son… however! You
    could ask for forgiveness by sacrificing your village idiot of a son when
    his name is Justin Bieber.

  23. Why does this guy have a shirt that says logic on it. He would hate it if
    he knew how to use it

  24. Well, I knew I’d be losing a few brain cells when I decided to watch this
    but damn it Bieber…


  25. I would favourite this video, but anyone who sees ‘Justin Bieber explains
    God to you’ in my favourites will think I’m absolutely retarded lol.

  26. the best way to get rid of this no talent ego maniacal bone head with a
    undeserved dangerously over inflated ego is to ignore him you notice it
    with the past no talent celebs that want to be in the lime light you ignore
    them then they just slide back into the rectal cavity from wince they came

  27. i would not buy that co exist tee-shirt because my God The Flying Spaghetti
    Monster is not on the shirt shameful of you what do you have against

  28. I would pay to see Cult Of Dusty beat the shit out of Justin Bieber.
    However he already did this verbally.

  29. huh, that’s interesting, it’s as if justin’s annual retarded douchebag
    level is directly proportional to his terrible music-making and
    lesbian-resemblance levels. Coincidence? I think not! 

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