JUST IN! Dr Ben Carson Appointed The Most UNEXPECTED Person To Work Under Him, You’ll Cheer Details

JUST IN! Dr. Ben Carson Appointed The Most UNEXPECTED ,Person To Work Under Him, You’ll Cheer [Details]
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Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne will join the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to work under Secretary Ben Carson, according to The Daily Caller.

Van Duyne declared at a lunch get-together Thursday that she would join the Trump organization, yet declined to state which division she will join, CBS DFW detailed. She is relied upon to make an official declaration at some point one week from now in the wake of finishing the fundamental printed material.

Van Duyne declined to remark on the record for this article.

She is relied upon to bring her experience as a two-term chairman to HUD under Carson, who had no political experience before running for president in the 2016 race.

Van Duyne declared in February that she would not look for a third term as leader of the Texas city, provoking hypothesis that she would look for a position in the Trump organization.

A HUD representative declined to remark, referring to office strategy against remarking on non-workers.

Van Duyne will help fill one of many positions still empty at HUD.

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