Joy Behar says Mike Pence has ” Mental Illness, Hearing Voices “

Joy Screams ‘Pence Is Mentally Ill, Says Jesus Talks To Him’ — Audience Delivers SmackDown
The View’s Joy Behar thought she was on a roll, cackling like a crow about Vice President Mike Pence. The shrews on the ABC talk show brought up disgraced Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who has been lying about Pence, and that’s when big-mouth Behar screamed, “Pence is mentally ill, he says Jesus talks to him!” Well, Behar immediately looked confused by the audience, who delivered a well-deserved smackdown.
As long as loudmouth Joy Behar continues to utter gross exaggerations and outright lies about President Donald Trump and those in his administration, we will continue to highlight and expose her idiocy. Big-mouth Behar loves to make fun of Christians, but she made a huge mistake when she took on Vice President Mike Pence. Thx!

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