John Kelly I asked black Republicans to apply for Trump administration jobs

John Kelly: I asked black Republicans to apply for Trump administration jobs.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly confirmed Tuesday that he met with a group of black Republicans and asked them to submit their resumes if they were interested in working for the Trump administration.

The meeting took place Monday, just days after the departure of White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former reality TV star. “We’re looking for talented young men and women,” Kelly said he told the group.

He added that he wasn’t specifically calling for African-American or women applicants “We’re looking for good people,” he said.

Kelly met with Newman last week. While initial reports said the meeting was contentious, Newman denied Kelly fired her and said that she resigned.

“We had a very candid conversation,” she said on Good Morning American.
In another interview, Newman said last week that she was “very lonely” working alongside other Trump advisers, most of whom were white and “had never worked with minorities, didn’t know how to interact with them,” according to ABC News.

“There was a lack of diversity I will acknowledge,” she said.

The White House has said it has a “diverse team.” Still, Newman said her departure as communications director for the Office of Public Liaison means the White House senior staff will have no African-American women on board.

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