Jets, Drones, Rockets Launched On Hamas Targets, Including World Cup Watchers

“As new volleys of rockets whizzed toward Israel’s major cities on Wednesday and Israel pressed its intensive air bombardment of Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel vowed to increase…


  1. The situation in Palestine and Israel will not change until the Israeli
    people start admitting to the horror that the Palestinians have been
    through. Don’t fucking tell me its the same thing happening to Israelis.
    They have bomb shelters, missile defense systems, and the protection of the
    world’s strongest military power.
    The Palestinians do not have a country, a proper government, no natural
    resources to speak of, can’t trade with other nations, or build their
    futures on anything. Meanwhile Israel grows and becomes stronger.

    This shit is asymmetrical warfare and you always blame the stronger side.
    They have the power to make a difference, not those who are born into a
    siege and are bombarded by radical forms of religion and thought. Its
    fucking ridiculous.

  2. There’s right and wrong on both sides but every time one of these fracas
    flares up it usually ends with a few dozen Israelis killed and several
    hundred Palestinians killed. 

  3. This is how Israel fights , and how they have fought cor the past 3500
    years, since the nation’s founding. Israel is a small country and their
    fighting tactics are how they survive. There will not be peace between
    Israel and Palestine, as long as the Hamas organization is working with the
    Palestinian government; and ithink we all know what happens when nations
    like Israel cannot find peace with a neighboring country. At this rate, and
    with all of the missile fire coming from noth sides, I think the Gaza
    strip, and the Hamas organization’s existence, altogether, will lead
    Palestine onto the same path as countries like Canaan, Phillistine, Maon,
    Amalek, and Ammon.

  4. The country of Israel shouldn’t exist anymore. Any country designated in
    one of the most holy parts of the world with only one religion in charge is
    doomed to failure, and Israel’s actions against the Palestinians are not
    helping their case.

    The area should be international grounds open to everyone, owned and
    protected by the U.N.. That way Jewish fundamentalists can get it out of
    their heads that they’re the chosen ones, Palestinians can have their land
    back (with some compensation as an extra), and perhaps the rest of the
    Muslim world won’t be pissed anymore because they have access to Jerusalem

  5. Hamas has fired more rockets in the past 72 hours, but they use 50s, and
    60s technolgy while Israel uses some of the most advanced wepions in the

  6. Does Ana have to dress like that? Does she think she has a hot date waiting
    for her after recording this show? I highly doubt it. Who is she trying to
    impress? Because I’m not.

  7. Palestinians don’t just want a piece of land they want all of Israel, there
    will be no resolution as Palestinians think it’s their holy land despite
    there being archaeological evidence proving the Israelis were there long
    before the Palestinians. This issue will not stop, it’s a religious war
    build on illogical myths and people willing die to protect those myths. But
    let’s not start feeling sorry for the Palestinians, if you can’t handle
    mass casualties then stop firing rockets. Israel already has the weapons to
    wipe out the Palestinian people and doesn’t use them, if the Palestinian
    people had a weapon to wipe out Israel they would use it. I’m not Jewish
    but I see who is the problem.

  8. According to the Bible, Israel are God’s chosen people. God gave the land
    of Israel to Abraham and the Jews, not the Palestinians and Hamas. Why does
    TYT always criticize Israel, God’s holy chosen people? 

  9. if TYT would do a an update on hamas daily attacks this year on Israel it
    would be 100% understandable that israel is tired of this game and wants
    the threat eliminated.

    also I find it funny TYT attacking the most progressive country in that
    region. just proves even progressives dont like othe progressives

  10. Hamas must have the dumbest leaders on the planet. Who thinks it’s a good
    plan to fire these rockets??? Every fucking time the Israelis shoot them
    down and then proceed to obliterate the whole place in retaliation. Both
    sides are retarded, but on Hamas’s side you have to take in to account that
    – YOU CAN’T MATCH ISRAEL IN MILITARY POWER. Go for the peaceful solution,
    show the world you are better and don’t stoop so low. You won’t win
    independence unless you win the sympathies of the rest of the world, and
    that won’t happen with those stupid rockets. 

  11. You must be delusional to support Hamas at this point…They do not care
    about the Palestinians. They believe they can take on the Israel military
    with technology from the 1950s and all it does is allow Israel to fight
    back and kill more Palestinians 

  12. Read this article.

    “The Gaza Rules
    Israel, unlike Hamas, isn’t trying to kill civilians. It’s taking pains to
    spare them.” 

  13. I wonder if TYT would be happy if a few missiles would get through the
    defenses and kill a few hundred Israelis- would that make it “fair”.

  14. Waste of time. Unless you want to see two morons, who no nothing of the
    Arab-Israeli conflict, displaying their ignorance for all to see.

  15. Even if Palestine got its own official state, Hamas would continue its
    attacks on Israel. Hamas doesn’t want a two-state solution, and neither do
    any of the religiously motivated Palestinians. What they want is Jerusalem,
    or half of it anyway, and they’ll continue all this violence until they get
    their precious holy sites.

  16. The USA would be so proud of Israel, they grow so fast. One day they too
    will try to take land and invade other countries. ( this is a joke)

  17. TYT does with palestine what mainstream media does with left and right
    Ignore facts and blame botb sides even though one side has much more
    capabilities and does much more damage and is usually the aggressor and one
    in control of situation starting it and ending it when they want

  18. i honestly cannot understand why anyone would support israel on this
    situation, they invaded palestine on fucking bullshit retarded grounds
    based on a book of storys made 2000 years ago and have killed fucking
    countless people because of it, and the fact that SOOOOOOO many jews are
    like “yeah, and what?!” about the whole thing is INSANE

    i guess murder is totally fine now, i take it if that guy that shot up
    sandy hook fired a fucking middle at the school it would be fine, or if he
    claimed it was because everyone in the school was a muslim, this world is
    fucked everyone in it is fucked and if you support ANYTHING like this then
    you are fucked and need to be removed so the sane people can continue
    living in a world were youre not fucking scared of getting blown up over
    shit that you do not give a fuck about

  19. I’m israeli. this video was perfect. seriously spot on. except for one
    thing. Ana, you said that you think that the majority of israelis would
    prefer a two state solution. sadly I must disagree. while I would prefer a
    two state solution, as would any israeli with half a brian, much like the
    US, our society is full of fucktwats and racists. I wish I could say that
    most israelis would prefer a two state solution.
    but other than that, you did great. 

  20. For once I agree with TYT 100 percent. In my early 20s I was renting an
    apartment around a lot of Jews in the neighborhood and an elderly Jewish
    apartment complex. There was a 16 year old boy and his 10 year old with
    their mother visiting her mother. When I asked him where his dad was. He
    said the Israel government wouldn’t let him come. Either him and his
    sister comes back or they would kill their dad. I said why. He said When
    you are 17 you are forced into the army for at least 2 years. Then he
    added. Don’t believe all these attacks are 100 percent right. The
    Palistines will point and shoot from a street. If it lands in Israel its a
    success. If it doesn’t its Israel bombing. Then he added it happens both
    ways. With the rockets in the street

  21. Leave your ridiculous religion behind and most of these conflicts will
    cease.They have been fighting for and about “the holy land” for thousands
    of years and its a fucking desert.

  22. Israel isn’t much different than the United States when it was just the 13
    states. People didn’t think we could have peace with the Native Americans
    ether, but look at us now.

  23. If Hamas had a nuclear bomb they would drop it on Israel. Hamas is trying
    to wipe out all Jews, Israel just defends itself.

  24. End the occupation, end the war, end the bullshit! ALL RIGHT-WINGERS CAN

  25. How about you start by stopping the unlimited supply of arms to Israel and
    the 3 billion that goes to this apartheid state. 3 billion of your American
    dollars go Israel but nothing for the city of Detroit.

    How pathetic. 

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