ISIS is the World’s Richest Terrorist Group

ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham) is the world’s richest terrorist group notably surpassing the well-known al Qaeda and Taliban organizations. This is all according to the International…


  1. The US and UK should have stayed the fuck out of Iraq and Kuwait! Every
    time they get involved, they just make matters worse in the middle east. 

  2. Well well well,that is indeed a surprise. I would have thought the United
    States government was the worlds richest terrorist group. At least they are
    the biggest as far as killing is concerned! No one can invade and kill
    innocents like the Americans!!!

  3. Why is this a problem of the US, other than, all the oil and opium? This is
    a religious war and anyone who steps in will have, in my opinion, a fuck
    ton of terristic response in their country. The minute Isreal gets involved
    it will be full out, fall out WW3…. Here comes team America to the

  4. If they want to live under sharia law (gods-law) , let them , stop poking
    nose in other peoples buisness . Under the caliphate they lived happy and
    prospered and was a free market, do your research sunni / shias were not
    killing each other, only when other people (the west) butted in and
    colonised and created SYKES & PICOT borders. They wont listen , leave em to

  5. The USA, UK, Polish, Diggers, Canadians and many others gave the Iraqis the
    shot of Life TIME to evolve with the civilized world and they fucked it up!
    Afghanistan will no doubt be the same outcome. Have fun with that Pakistan.

    Its time somebody else took on the burden of managing these religious
    zealots! Its easy to blame the US for making things worse over there,
    however its even easier to sit back and do fuck all which is exactly what
    many of Americas critics continue to do. 

  6. Americans can do their best by boycotting the Saudi’s & their oil. Jumping
    back into the conflagration that we ignited is utter stupidity. We have
    very little face left to save even at home.

  7. I am sure Saudi Arabia is connected…..Saudi Arabian men in general are
    feminine so they use other men to do their work all they have is their
    wealth for now God I hope they lose their wealth so they can stop spreading
    their poisonous ideology throughout the Middle East & Africa

  8. SOLUTION : let them make their Caliphate state in the middle east, so there
    will be stability in the middle east when it becomes 1 country, and the
    west should try to have good relations with them because they control a lot
    of oil and so no terror attacks will be done in the west. Its hard to
    accept this solutions because we still see them as “terrorist” but these
    guys can make a stable middle east and they dont plan to attack the west
    because they just want a state were they can live under sharia law. They
    are also in war with al qaeda so why not have good relations with them and
    let them have their state?

  9. ISIS / Right Wing Sector:
    IF EVER — ISIS and the Right Wing Sector wake up and realize they have
    been SPOON FED Just Enough to keep the Military Industrial Complex and
    banksters in play for another week, month year, decade then it could get
    very nasty.

  10. ISIS came from no where like the term “terr*rist” came from no where. Any
    bets on when WW3 will begin?

  11. you cannot defeat an army you cannot see,if you cannot discern friend from
    foe within seconds you are on very thin ice…..vietnam,afghnstn,iraq

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