ISIS beheads second Japanese hostage

ISIS video shows the murder of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto . CNN’s Will Ripley reports from Tokyo.


  1. The 5rd world goatfucker dirtbags make themselves unwelcome everywhere they
    go. They hate everything that is not them. They destroy everything they
    come around. Wouldn’t it be nice if Kamikazes with live streaming bodycams
    went in on the ground against ISIS after this? Game over for ISIS.

    Before finding a real cure for cancer, let’s find a cure for islam.

  2. The Japanese government is so greedy & cheap to allow this man to be
    murdered , I’m glad the U.S. doesn’t pay serial KILLERS for hostages !! 

  3. japanese really knew that ISIS are CIA
    pay or not pay japan knew that 2 hostage are already die or still alive
    with new identifications.
    IS Dowlah Islamiah are different with ISIS that was create by US

  4. What do you expect to get when you send your journalists (spies) to war
    zone for the sake of United States? This is the logic of wars.

  5. It’s unbelievable how gullible people are. Demand corps or declare the
    video as fake. See what they do now. Their previious video of beheading was
    so obvioiusly fake but very few people have any observational skills or
    know how to question things. Why would a blood thirsty mircless group
    behead someone and cut the scene right when the knife touches the neck ?
    The previous pictures of the japanese hostages were also told by many
    professionals to be fake as there were many unnatural parts in the
    pictures, such as mismatching shadows etc. This ISIS group is being used to
    push some people’s agenda.

  6. Oh my god they published that last one holy shit in a hand basket. CNN are
    like, that poor sap, now the Zionists will murder him. Doesn’t come as much
    of a surprise. I don’t want to harm them they would love to harm me I guess
    isn’t that sad? But crazy is as crazy does. America financed and armed
    ISIS. Now people, ask yourselves,”then who is ISIS???? CIA/Mossad and the
    five eyes and the Saudi’s and many more covertly. Military contractors
    murdering people they don’t even know for MONEY,(Tell your teenagers that
    men and women go to other countries to kill people for money. Is that what
    you wanted to be when you grew up?? Psycopathz need not answer. 

  7. They should have Paid The Ransom. The release of the two men outweighed the
    amount they asked for… It was handled WRONGE!!!

    Following Israeli Protocol has given Nothing in Return… America is
    handling The “ISIS” Problem like Handyman Shade Tree Mechanics. Instead of
    Handling it like Well Educated Technicians…


  8. Only Italy sucks because he paid 12 million euros for two common girls…
    I’m so pissed off to remain in this country.

  9. If this is so important, than why does it seem like shitty ass CNN is the
    only news agency reporting on these ISIS beheadings??

  10. Okay what the fark! Same shit. Same trick every damn time. Go back and look
    at the reporting after 911.Sing the jingle: “We gotta go to war. We gotta
    go to war. Everybody now. “We gotta go to war.we gotta kill some more.”We
    gotta go to war-murder people we never new before.” we blame ISIS when the
    US/CIA is ISIS and they attack Syria some more!!!” Little choppy at the end
    there. haha. Anyone wanna hear my Ukraine jingle???? nah i thought not.

  11. Well its no suprise they beheaded them because no one paid up what else
    where you idiots thinking. Id never waste my time with the west and
    randsoms cause money is more important than life here.

  12. yesterday isis killed 20 confirmed Kurdish fighters and beheaded two
    captures, but its not in any major news cos kurds have no friends but

  13. CNN agenda = Take gun rights away slowly over time/GO TO WAR!!! They love
    the death of people they never met. Blitzer can smell the blood in the air.
    hmmmm. CNN do you want to destroy Syria and Iran,send your own fucking
    kids!!!! They should do a percentage test, of pundits kids that, go to war
    anyone???? bet is under 1% if that. I mean if CNN advocates war much like
    the bankers/world leaders/Big-Pharma- send your own kids over to clear the
    way. Oh and the social engineering is fantastic with your color codes and
    the like and other TV flicker rate changes,how sweet. So sad.

  14. Whatever you do don’t mention Israel. Don’t say it. Don’t say ISRAEL.
    this writer said once(maybe he was a ninja) ” If you want to no who
    controls you find out who you can’t talk shit about! It wasn’t word for
    word. Okay people if u speak bad against Israel they will kill you. They
    are insane! Zionism is a political movement shhhhhhhhhh. I know Muslim
    aren’t saint either and neither are we but should we exterminate them for
    profit? Dam that is cold CNN.

  15. See people they are trying get u to send your kids to war by showing you
    how awful the people who they trained and supplied with arms are. What an
    absolute joke. The next scene will be some tragic bomb out in Palestine.
    All Palestine’s fault of course right WOLF. Those pesky Palestinians and
    there rocks. Israel with it’s nukes and tanks and air superiority. Hey that
    seems like a fair fight right WOLF. 

  16. I don’t know Japanese government’s decision was right or not.
    People’s life is worth more than money even if it is $ 2 billion, of course
    it is, and if money can save a person’s life, I would be pleased to use my
    money for that.
    But when those money would help them to kill many other people, is it right
    to give them money? I just don’t know.
    I’m very sad. I was hoping he would came back to Japan alive. How can these
    cruel things happen…

  17. Okay so you won’t post my last words. So is that hate speech if I say
    ISRAEL has a far superior army compared to Palestine. ISRAEL has nukes/air
    superiority bombs/tanks and the help of the the Western World. Palestinians
    have rocks and Rockets—-> Yeah seems like a fair fight huh? Wolf is a
    Zionist, Zionism is a political ideology not a religion right Wolf.

  18. satan’s murderous rampage /death spirits/and hindering forces of
    CHRIST..RISE UP HUMANITY AGAINST this heinous crimes

  19. Isis are modern day NAZI’S They are just as bad when it comes to their war
    crimes. They execute civilians in mass shootings like the Nazis . The Nazis
    used guillotines to behead people . They invade and want the world to them
    selves just like the Nazis.

  20. Censored again. That is 3 now you just won’t publish. But at least now I
    know what it is you don’t want me to say and this is it for the third time.
    If ISIS is armed and financed by the USCIA/MOSSAD/the five eyes and the
    Saudis. Okay Guys who is ISIS then. *Hint: The answer is in the question.

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