Is The Religious Right Abandoning the Republican Party?

According to the latest reports, the Evangelical wing of the Republican party is actually having quite a bit of trouble right now trying to identify with the GOP. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. SUBSCRIBE to Ring Of Fire:


  1. So what is that "one little passage" in the Bible that talks about whether a woman can control her own body? Where does the Bible mention abortion??

  2. TYT always bash Christians. I am liberal but I'm tired of all the religion hate coming from the left. Most Christians aren't crazy Republicans

  3. Christians and Evangelicals are among some of the most bigoted, racist folks you are likely to meet. Not to mention delusional.

  4. Shouldn't they be – against : USA (Usury Sloth : Armageddon) – $2O,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOO biblical debt level – $66,666 each R > G

  5. we are currentl seeing the backfire of the Republican party tying itself to Evangelicals- The moral majority? Christian values? Now they are abandoning this myth and turning to the duck dynasty/ Christian warrior to save the country- last attempt to stay relevant.

  6. Given the choice between the GOP and Hillary, there's still gonna be much more to agree on with the GOP.

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