Is Orange The New Black? Sheriff Updates Inmate Dress Code

“If orange is the new black, as the popular TV show title says, then black-and-white stripes are the new orange at the Saginaw County Jail. The jail’s all-orange jumpsuits increasingly are…


  1. 2:35 “were not trying to embarrass them”? WTF!!!! there criminals they dont
    deserve human rights they broke the goddamn law embarass them all u fuckin
    want. no one cares about these criminals

  2. I generally agree with you guys but I have no problem with the inmates
    wearing this, even if they changed it for no reason at all.

  3. americans are so nahive
    specialy gays and women
    dude. he is not boring. he wants to steal money by ordering new clothes.
    its not a waste its corruption you idiots

  4. Here in Michigan. Some Counties make them wear a gay orange and white
    striped suits.They’re cat in the hat suits,it’s hilarious. In Roscommon
    County CRAF Center,inmates mop the floor and stuff while we work out and
    shower and stuff. We use them like slaves.They even send blackys from
    Detroit up there and pay us to jail them and use them as slaves. LOL!

  5. Now all the hipsters are going to go to this guy’s jail because Orange is
    for douchebags who want to follow fashion trends.

    Norway’s treatment of prisoners should be a bit harsher. I mean if I was
    homeless in Norway I might actually stab someone just to get into jail. The
    success lies in programs in the jail and outside. Where they are helped in
    finding a job, get help to cope with reintegration and so on.

    Nobody hires a felon in America, so what’s left except more felonies to
    support yourself?

  6. Criminals are criminals, don’t do the crime if you cant do the time. As
    simple as that, who gives a fuck how they’re treated. 

  7. Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County,Arizona makes them wear pink and White
    Stripes and live in tent cities in the desert. The only way they have
    electricity is by generating it on a stationary bicycle.

  8. Probably saw somebody cosplaying one of the characters from that show.

    Prison wear DELIBERATELY looks bad, and looks distinctive, because if they
    escape, if they have clothes that can differentiate them from the general
    populace, then it’s harder for them to blend into the crowd.

  9. Did Ana even read the statement? The Sheriff said he changed it because he
    did not wamt peopld to think his prrisoners were making a show based
    fashion ststement when they were e working around the general public; he
    wanted to be certain that people kmew they were prisoners. Not because he
    thoguht people wanted to go to prison to wear them. It also humiliates the
    prisoners, which is a good thing. As for the price, prison jumpsuits are
    heavy built, but are made very cheaply.

  10. Essentially the Sheriff went retro getting his inmates in the traditional &
    classic black and white stripes. with all the news in the world & your
    talking about prison clothes.

  11. So they are ok with the group showers and the ass F***king but the dress
    code is inconvenient. I’m wondering if anyone else is connecting the dots

  12. I don’t know if there are people that wear orange jumpsuits for fun. I have
    never seen it here. But even if a very small portion of people do wear
    them, their concerns become legitimate. Jail uniforms look the way they
    look for one reason only: to not look like anything a civilian would wear.
    The whole point is to make it impossible for prisoners to mix in with
    regular people.

  13. Orange is a stupid color for inmates anyway. It is a stimulating color, not
    exactly what I’d want my inmates wearing.

  14. Norway is also a homogenous country where just about everyone shares the
    same culture which happens to include civility.

  15. Yes, Norway has a very good prison system. I heard Breivik finally got his
    Xbox one. Bless him, right?

  16. Students at my cousin’s high school used to do that actually. It was a big
    thing for the seniors to get orange jump suits for whatever reason and they
    would just go out and about in them. I never got it but I didn’t go to his

  17. think the argument about reaffending criminals is not as black and white as
    ana thinks it is. For example in Norway they dont arrest people for BIP
    like they do in the US so its more likely that the same guy will get
    arrested for BIP thus you see more reaffending criminals.

  18. Okay…. most jails have orange, OR black and white, OR yellow, jumpsuits.
    I see all three locally, doing garden work….

    It’s not some giant surprise to have black/white jumpsuits…. who cares

  19. This just goes to show how much Ana is really out of touch. No one wears a
    prison getup? I went school with a couple of guys who wore prison getups on
    a weekly basis & this was over 10 years ago, right outside of Philadelphia,
    before “Orange is the new Black” became popular. Ana, try doing us all a
    favor & try getting out every once in a while.

  20. Give them all little masks for around the eyes and sacks with dollar signs
    on them and they’ll look like criminals from really old movies.

  21. See I LOOOOOVE THIS and the reasoning as to why is because it illustrates
    THE METHOD, the psychologically manipulative acts of variant violence,
    psychic violence THEY use against US.

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