Iraq: ISIS Sparks a Middle East Crisis, Explained

Iraq is on the brink of a full-blown civil war. Who are these ISIS jihadists and how do they hope to change the map of the Middle East? What do other countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and…


  1. Thanks to the American Empire who killed Saddam Hussein in Iraq that led to
    violence and supporting pro-American rebel groups in Syria to kill Assad,
    ISIS or ISIL had emerged after breaking up with Al-Qaeda and plans to
    conquer two nations to become a caliphate or an Islamic Empire under
    Sunnism and extreme radicalism to fear the people for if they oppose them,
    they will be executed for defying Allah, their God, now already taken Mosul
    and plans to invade Baghdad from Shiite-Kurdish forces joining together in
    all matters to eliminate the group who is very dangerous to attack, which
    led to the American Empire to return to combat the situation and Iran
    entering the fractured country to help their Shiite-Kurdish allies to
    eliminate and conquer the nation to become with Iran, a Shiite religious
    superpower, rivaling Saudi Arabia, who is a major Sunni religious
    superpower, since both are members of OPEC to trade with Nazi Germany of
    the Americas from oil they produced for their financial assets to be
    rewarded but the chaos in Iraq, Iran and many nations who are involved to
    stop one another and extreme groups, led to the weakening economic
    situation back in the capitalist nations who rely on oil for economic
    growth, which will shut down and cause the collapse of the imperial dollar
    to fall because of the instability in the Middle East which eventually,
    will lead to WWIII within and the rest of the world. Chaos happen because
    American imperialism, Capitalism and their influence full of crap ideas led
    the world to become a big battlefield, whether radical, moderate or

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