Interview with Jennifer Lang, Author The Whistle-Blower’s Confession

Jennifer Lang is the author of The Whistle-Blower’s Confession. In this psychological thriller, Kelly Anderson, an investigative reporter, who after the death of her aunt to cancer, uncovers…


  1. WWGF News Interview Jennifer Lang – A Whistleblower’s Confession

    1:06 Jennifer Lang: A Whistleblower’s Confession – A Suspense/Thriller
    3:40 Consumers have the most power.
    4:18 Toilet – Sewage
    4:46 Esther: What is your motivation?
    4:46 Jennifer Lang: Her mother’s illness
    5:31 Clinched fists and eyes filled with tears.
    5:53 Lord, I need you to help me.
    6:05 We always write things down, so I know what she ate and what medicine
    she took.
    6:24 Macaroni and cheese – clinched fists and tears.
    6:52 Let’s isolate that variable. It is not rocket science.
    7:10 Soy, Soy Lecithin
    7:18 Google, what is soy lecithin?
    7:44: An emulsifier
    8:16 Go get me some emulsifier.
    8:41 I have to read through the ingredients on everything I buy.
    8:59 Black pepper – The “store brand.” Cliched fists and tears.
    10:40 I as a consumer, who has someone that I love who has been hurt by
    what you have snuck into the food.
    10:57 My mama.
    11:27 Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
    11:37 Kathleen: soy is sprayed with Round Up, will soon be sprayed with
    12:25 Jennifer: Telling others
    12:56 Esther: What do you focus on when teaching others?
    13:05 Jennifer: Teaching about GMO ingredients
    13:54 Kathleen: Eat organic?
    14:07 Jennifer: Look for Organic or Non-GMO – Take your time and look
    14:30 Corn
    15:07 Esther – “Don’t get me started on corn
    15:16 Jennifer: I’m known to stop people I know in the grocery store
    16:02 The people I gravitate to are incensed.
    16:11 You’re eating the pesticide.
    16:30 Word of mouth
    16:51 You’re not in the fight by yourself.
    17:08 Kathleen at Targed: Baby formula story. Enfamil.
    17:49 I didn’t know.
    18:03 Enfamil formula vs. Organic formula
    18:39 All of us need to do what you’re doing.
    19:04 You know what you’re talking about.
    19:15 People wake up when there’s illness in their family.
    19:45 Kathleen: Are people interested in knowing?
    20:15 Jennifer: The book – Bringing awareness to the issue in an
    entertaining way.
    21:18 Bt corn – Guess what sugar, you are not eating a vegetable. You are
    eating a pesticide.
    21:44 It was made to punch holes into the stomach of the insect.
    21:58 Corn for breakfast, corn on the cob at your picnic, corn in chips.
    22:18 1+1 is 2 and 2+1 is 3. How many holes have you put in your stomach
    over a 5, 10, 15, 20 year period.
    23:03 DNA not natural to me. Gut.
    25:00 Esther: Call to action?
    25:11 Jennifer:
    26:20 Kathleen: Arpad Pusztai
    27:31 Where can we order your book?

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