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  1. Guys, this is all bullshit. Just look at my smug look on my profile
    picture. I can’t believe only a few of you guys have noticed infowars is a
    comedy website.

  2. I don’t think anybody really listens to these Zionists with a straight face
    anymore. Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Bill Oreilly, Michael Moore or even
    Rachael Maddow spells 5 different talking heads that will tell you that
    “anything but Jewish usury” is responsible for these bastardized societies.
    Even a monkey goy like me “Goybonzobeans” can figure this monkey business
    out. Americans have a national debt that, according to the 14th amendment
    “shall not be questioned.” Since 1913, Americans have been forced to submit
    to a debt system (Fractional Reserve Banking) that is by design impossible
    to pay back. Do you know what you call a human being that attempts to pay
    down a debt that is impossible 9x over to pay back? You call them a monkey
    goy for Jewish usury. That is what I would call unquestionable monkey
    business. Oh well. At least we have Alex “chuckling tons of fun” Jones to
    laugh at while we turn full monkey goy. If only there was a way to unite
    all the monkey goys. That would be sweet! Goybonzobeans out with his sweet
    monkey goy head! 

  3. Would somebody tell me WTF everybody is now saying ‘homeland’ for? Biggs
    using phrasing like that? AJ? That’s some weird shit. All the kronies use
    that phrasing and the last time that I know of that a country fed that shit
    to it’s population, was Nazi Germany! How is that the new fad? “Homeland”
    this and “Homeland” that. WTF? It’s called America! American soil! There’s
    too much of a correlation to Hitler for me to like the way using the term
    ‘homeland’ sounds.

  4. 8 Hour Video. Very good Alex. The largest video on YouTube is 24 Hours.
    Type on YouTube “YouTube Largest Video”, Great job Alex

  5. presents: The Alex Jones Show 24 Hour Stream

    Live Streaming is not available in “your” country
    … o(.?.)o … does Google think that I own Germany..
    due to rights issues.
    Sorry about that.

  6. vote to not have to be forced to pay taxes to have these cocksuckers
    wearing ties doing nothing for us but fuck with us take our money and get
    away with killing us all

  7. I love this fucker to death, but every time I see him I laugh because he
    resembles a full grown Eric Cartman. “What happened to my schooooo”

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