Implantable Microchips “Will Make Taking Attendance Easier in the Classroom”

Implantable Computer Chips “Will Make Taking Attendance Easier in the Classroom” Insists Teacher. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political…


  1. In my school we HAVE to wear id cards and they MUST be visible or you could
    potentially get suspended, not only that they are those cards that have
    chips in them so my school can track you down in the school.

  2. we need this chips!
    even more! we need them with a sort of electro shock device for instant
    punishment oO
    (this is sarcasm ;)

  3. Hey Mark, why do you make so many videos? It seems the less views you get,
    the more videos you make. Any truth to this? I know you wouldn’t ever lie
    because that’s a one way ticket to Satansville in your reality. Lol


    If you’re ever forced to get this, do one simple thing:

    Cut the chip out of your arm. Problem solved.

  5. I thought this was for Microchimps. If they would offer micro chimps I’d go
    for that big time, they could run around opening doors without keys, shut
    the lights if I forget, and do all my thinking for me. Until they offer
    tiny chimps, I’ll just open the doors myself.

  6. Mark, when are you going to do more ‘Man on the Street’ videos? Why do you
    work with Luke Rudkowski anymore? Why don’t you show your face anymore?

  7. God came to earth and marked everyone in His covenant by the holy Spirit.
    now, the enemy is going to come and mark everyone in his covenant by the
    exact opposite of the holy Spirit – a technological innovation. creature
    comforts tend to kill faith. 

  8. Thanks for these Mark, repetition is key, reminding the public of the
    evidences of the *evil* devices being implemented against them. It is a
    debt that society owes you. An effort rarely saluted.

  9. I believe that soon a new leader is going to rise up and change things.
    Some people believe the illuminati is primed up for domination.. I believe
    that anti illuminati is priming the pump right now for takeover. For those
    of you who like to watch, get ready, because someone is about to lead

  10. I read some of the remarks and comments I can’t believe the sheeples WAKE
    UP just trying to save your soul from being damned from hell. Sorry for

  11. Alex Jones and this jesus freak internet loner are the last two on YouTube
    before u are ‘awaken’ . I am tv free for 5 years now. I smoke weed , work
    out and eat clean. Dont waste your live on morons who sells tangy tangerine
    and paperbag books. This is just entertainent to me now. 

  12. Mark Maggot Lice you’ve been exposed bitch you can stop shilling now,
    everyone knows your feeding truthers shit just give it up bitch.

    I hope you enjoy satan being balls deep in yo ass shill :)

  13. The “chips are Not the mark of the beast,(666) will you get this in your
    forehead.. no.. keep trying.. “it takes Wisdom”

  14. Mark, take the day off. You’ve been posting a ridiculous amount of videos.
    Not to mention, no day is better than The Fappening for a day off.

  15. Lets all pray for a mighty X-flare to be burped at us by the sun. Sure itll
    be rough at first with no tech, but it will be for the better. Technology
    has given the wrong people way too much power over us.

  16. Teacher could have a little shocker button for each student. Jimmy pulls
    Peggy’s ponytail….zzzzzziiiitttt SHOCKED! (mildly, of course). Works for
    This way Peggy does not need to stab Jimmy with her sharpened No 2 pencil
    which could now be classified as a deadly or injurious weapon for which
    Peggy could be expelled and sent to reform school for.

  17. Yeah, we really need to surgically implant a device in our body to save a
    teacher 5 minutes in taking attendance? The movie Idiocracy becoming

  18. Ok, well if they ARE going to be that idiotic, then why not get a petition
    going? Education has never been mandatory. It is a choice of the parent,
    and even when the young citizen is in adolescence, there is a certain
    responsibility which falls to the student to decide whether or not
    education is for them.

    If anything, that isn’t a plan at all, and there’s a hope to get a
    legitimate hole in your arguments to shut you up.

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