Imagining Economic Policy Focused on Women

Robert Johnson says that policy focused on addressing inequality and the well-being of women would provide direct benefits to the economy.


  1. All citizens should be treated as individuals rather than reduced to the
    color of their skin or their gender – creating equal laws is the only way
    in which you are going to encourage equality – not by creating ” special
    laws” for a particular group of people – that sort of politicking can only
    create terrible unintended consequences. 

  2. Actually policies shouldn’t be sexist or racist one way or another – it
    should treat all people the same. 

  3. Women have more rights and benefits than men as it is,thanks to girly weak
    men in politics and single mothers who raised men to be weak.Women can
    never produce the workload of male labor,so men deserve more pay than
    them.Women talk too much at work,and waste time instead of working,so they
    deserve social jobs such as: secretary,customer service rep,daycare
    worker,etc.Women also fail in comparison to men, when dealing with
    technical work,and explaining technical solutions to customers.Only smart
    Nations like Russia,China,Japan,and Israel know that men are the leaders of
    the world,and deserve the most compensation.

  4. “Economic policy focussed on women”? Tell it to Margaret Thatcher! It was
    *her* economic policies that led the UK into its worst economic disasters
    in recent history.

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