Today we talk about the idea of human sized spiders, and our love for turtles. Also, it’s about that time for the 4th Annual Streamy Awards! You helped us win one. We want another! ;)…


  1. That shit about bees, that’s stuff I did when I was a kid, and that shit
    works! I remember, my cousin when I was a little kid, tried to get near a
    bee hive. I was with him. When he got near he saw a few bees (not a lot)
    and panicked, ran away in fear, and got stung twice. I just stood
    completely still, and did nothing. The bees flew right past me and I was

    What I’m trying to say is, if you see a bee flying around you (and this
    usually happens when you’re sitting outside eating with your friends), just
    stay calm when a bee or wasp comes near you. You don’t do anything, and
    they wont either. Don’t freak out and start whacking around, hoping to
    smack one dead.

  2. Blood is blue when it hits oxygen just like a flame is blue in a cave cause
    their is note nought oxygen and when you take it out it turn red

  3. JOE. Get checked, for realz. I just found out about a tumor in October
    that I have that’s been growing on my pituitary gland for about 10 years
    (just below my brain, it’s technically a brain tumor). If I hadn’t found
    it (by luck in a routine check up). I would have gone blind in another few
    years, because it’s right between my optic nerves. So getting checked and
    finding something was WAY better than not getting checked and going blind.
    Luckily, I’m on medication that is shrinking the tumor. Crazy shit..

    Get checked out! Always get all the blood tests.


    Just kidding, it’s like poison to me…

  5. Anyone know when the gang is coming to Toronto? and do i need to buy a
    ticket to see them, if so where can i get said ticket?

  6. Bees are so chill. “Hey, man. I just wanna buzz around and maybe polinate
    some flowers”.

    Wasps hornets and yellow jackets are F***ing evil. We’re looking at the
    terrorists in far-away countries when the enemy may literally be in our
    back yard.

  7. Think what you like about me but I destroyed wasp nests regularly as a
    child. I was minding my own business, waiting for my mom to come home,
    sitting on my front steps in the summer. Heard buzzing, not a big deal
    until *bam*! Instant pain. I was stung by a wasp. For what reason? I’ll
    never know, but sincerely for the rest of my life: f*ck wasps. 

  8. Need a swarm of spiders? Come on down to Thadeus J. Spider’s, Spider
    Imporium! More spiders, more value.

  9. I’m at my lake house and just as you were talking about flying spiders…
    an fucking huge spider crawls across my arm. (you’ll never see me move/run
    faster than when a spider is on/near me)

  10. Fluoride is harmful to children (the small amount in tap water) it’s why in
    the UK we have slowly began getting rid of it :).

  11. Did anybody else look away from their screen when they were talking about
    spiders because we all know the editors are assholes and like to put random
    pictures of spiders in the video

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