How to Interview a Celebrity Like a Celebrity

How to Interview a Celebrity Like a Celebrity
“I turned on CNN after having the best sex with this Russian boxer and there is a coup taking place in the country,” Mr. Wayne said.
We decided to turn the celebrity tables on Mr. Wayne
and ask him some of the same questions he asked notable luminaries, among them Carrie Fisher, Ivanka Trump, Anna Wintour and his old boss at Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter.
Growing up in a country like Jamaica, people think that you smoke marijuana, ganga, like a ganga head.
“It was me, André Balazs, Martha Stewart and Gael Greene.”
Mr. Wayne met a man in Pushkin Square — a boxer in training, he said — who he invited to his hotel.
“Martha Stewart’s jaw dropped,” Mr. Wayne said.
Mr. Wayne, 54, was born in Jamaica and earned a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia before moving to New York.

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