How to bring politics (back) to the dance floor ? Political activism in Dance Music today

The berlin-based collective Room 4 Resistance returned to HOT TOPIC at SchwuZ on August 19th 2016 and invited the Discwoman collective from New York for a panel discussion.

“How to bring politics (back) to the dance floor ? / Political activism in Dance Music today.”

R4R also presented a dance floor at HOT TOPIC, featuring DJ’s and producers from both collectives.

HOT TOPIC is a queerfeministic project at SchwuZ hosting DJ*s, producers and artists offside the heteronormative party-mainstream. HOT TOPIC especially celebrates women, lesbian, trans* and genderqueer people, POC and black artists behind the desks and on stage. It’s not only a party but a forum for networking that gives home to diverse queerfeministic scenes & topics as well as their rebels and cuties. Each HOT TOPIC supports a political group or project with an infostand and donations. The party offers a wide range of musical styles from queerfeministic tunes to Pop, House, Hip Hop as well as R’nB and Rock Music. It seeks to celebrate and (re)present all those who challenge our perception of mainstream-nightlife and heteronormativity in general – cause queerfeminism is our HOT TOPIC and it’s sexy!

Founded by Luz Diaz, rRoxymore and Luis-Manuel Garcia, Room 4 Resistance is a Berlin-based queer-forward collective composed of DJs, producers and music journalists – hosting regular events at About:Blank and SchwuZ. Room 4 Resistance aims to feature women-identified artists, genderqueers & non-binary, trans people, people of color and black people in leadership roles, without limiting itself to these categories. It also aims to create a warm and safe space for everyone involved, to focus on community-building and creating bridges between different communities. R4R is musically built on its core residents: rRoxymore, Yuko Asanuma, Doc Sleep, Luz, Purita D. and LMGM – and hosts international as well as local talents. Their parties celebrate musical diversity, sexualities, ethnicities, bodies, queer solidarity and community — and involves the audience as much as the DJs and promoters.

Founded by Frankie Hutchinson, Emma Burgess-Olson and Christine Tran, Discwoman is a New York-based platform, collective, and booking agency—representing and showcasing cis women, trans women and genderqueer talent in electronic music. Started as a two-day festival in September 2014 at Bossa Nova Civic Club Discwoman has since produced and curated events in 15+ cities—working with over 150 DJs and producers to-date.

All three like-minded projects will be coming together for a panel discussion that will focus on the following topics :

• How to bring politics (back) to the dancefloor ?/ Political activism in Dance Music today.

• How to address races, privileges and genders through electronic Dance Music ?

• How to empower and create safe spaces for marginalised groups such as women, LGBTIQ, People of color, refugees … ?

• How to address harassment and discrimination in constructive ways, both on and off the dance floor?



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Note: Luz quoted in the panel this sentence from the article: “Yet coverage of these issues can often feel quite superficial, treating feminism and queer issues as trends rather than social movements.”

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