How To Be A Stalker

With the proliferation of smartphones, you too can become a stalker–and better yet, you probably already have! Buy some awesomeness for yourself! http://www…


  1. This subject reminds me of a guide I read ages ago about proper Con
    etiquette in Japan, and I was shocked to read that you’re always supposed
    to ask explicit permission before you snap pictures of a cosplayer, and
    sneaking one from behind is super rude. So different from the snap-fest at
    all the Cons here! (And then there’s even worse transgressions…like
    KassemG’s usual treatment of hot girls)

  2. Umm…. Eating in public is not normal? But being in a restaurant is pretty
    public. Also everyone has to eat, not like it has to be a private thing…
    Hell when I was in high school I took a baggie of cereal all the time cause
    I’m not a morning person. If someone really feels the need to take a
    picture and “document” the fact that I have eaten at least once I think
    they need a new hobbie… I just… I don’t understand. My brain hurts…

  3. Can’t deal with Elliot and Meg leaving. I’m just going have to right a
    fan-fiction about them robing a bank, running of to have an anvil marriage
    and live happily ever after.

  4. I think TROLLING and shaming is getting very old. It seems to me a sign of
    someone that is weak and/or insecure in themselves.

    Become a better person and you will be happier.

  5. It’s not that things have changed THAT much… People still do things in
    the public eye that they might regret… the problem now is that we’re so
    connected that the ‘public eye’ has grown exponentially.

    It’s no longer ‘Whoop! my skirt blew up in the wind and like 4 guys saw me”
    Now it’s “FUCK! My skirt blew up in the wind and one guy was videotaping
    me, What is someone i know see’s that and judges me negativity for it?”

    Now that the public eye has grown now suddenly people are more worried
    about what people see in public… which is kinda silly in my opinion. i
    think it speaks more negativly about the person takign the photos and video
    that should feel bad, not the victims…

    I mean… whats worse? everyone on the net seeing you, some random woman on
    a subway eating a taco and making comments to one another while not
    ACTUALLY making any comments AT you personally? Or the person who has
    nothing better to do than sit on subway trains and stake out woman eating
    food in public?

    Sure it’s weird an a bit uncomfortable having your life out there for
    others to see, but with the vast number of people seeing it, theres still
    very little chance that it will get to anyone that can use it against you
    in any way… Sure a friend may see it, but what will they do about it?

  6. Micro cassette recorders have been around since the 70’s, as have compact
    Here’s the deal, when you’re in public, you’re… you know, in public. 

  7. Well, I’ll be watching SourceFed again from the beginning so I can pretend
    that Elliot isn’t leaving for as long as it takes for me to get through
    all…2682 videos. I was going to make a snappy wrap-up about being sad,
    but that’s actually a lot of videos to get through. SF has given us a lot.
    Thanks you guys. And Norg. :)

  8. Im pretty sure taking a picture of someone in a public space isnt stalking.

    When youre in public the rules for photography are if you can see it you
    can shoot it the exceptions are military bases, bathrooms, and telephoto
    lens to get shots of privet property from public land. Like it or not, the
    picture is protected by the 1st amendment. 

  9. NO! No, we are not just going to blow over this! A Facebook group called
    “Women Who Eat On Tubes”? Why is that a thing? WHY?! Who goes there? Why do
    they go there? What purpose does it fulfill? That is such a random, overly
    specific thing to document! Even for the internet! I just…I just…I
    mean…I’m going to lie down for a minute.

  10. “noones going to take it off you”
    she has her mouth really open wide like she’s trying to gobble down her
    food before someone steals it.

  11. Just start a page shaming the shamers, sure its a circle of shame but the
    stranger shaming shamers page only exists because of the strager shamers.
    So if the stranger shamers get shamed themselves for shaming it might end
    the shaming.

  12. Public shaming is nothing new. Yes the technology is very advanced, but she
    was in a public place and knew of a group that takes and posts pictures of
    people eating on subway cars to make fun of them. So? True, I feel you
    should ask permission before you take someone picture, but I would not want
    that to be a law. People are jerks. Sorry.

  13. My friend takes pictures of old men sometimes… Yeah, it’s kind of a
    problem… We’re working on it. She just really likes them and I don’t know
    if it’s creepy or cute…

  14. I’m going to miss Elliot as much as anyone, but I think it’s awful that we
    live in an age where a picture of an average woman, or anyone else for that
    matter, can be taken and posted on the internet, without permission, for
    the sole purpose of inviting ridicule and inappropriate remarks.

  15. These stalkers need some pro-tips, but I’ll leave that to someone else.
    I’m off to check Lee Newton’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  16. ='( In the videos today it looks like everyone had been crying all day. The
    damn feels yo…. you guys are supposed to make me happy *sniffles*, but
    I’m happy for you at least. 

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