How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need? An Expert Weighs In

“Seven hours is the new eight hours when it comes to sleep. According to a Wall Street Journal article published yesterday, people who live the longest in the best health get seven hours. One…


  1. There is a clock in your body. I tend to drift to the 5am – 12pm sleep
    period during my off time. When i get work its pretty hard to change to the
    usual 12am – 7am time.

  2. 7-8hrs of sleep at once isn’t natural this has already been proven. Though
    we all vary its more natural to sleep in anywhere from 2-6 parts throughout
    the day/night. Sleeping the whole night is just a societal creation that
    many people decide to conform to.

  3. in high school i was a amature wrestler and we had like 2 turnaments over
    24 hrs. like the team would get out of school at noon get a light lunch
    somewhere like mc donalds then off to south georgia 4 hrs away for a meet
    we would get there around 5 the turnament would last till about 10 get back
    about 2 am and then another tournament at 6am and that would happen almost
    every weekend. so bc of that i can go a full day on 6 hrs of sleep. i like
    it bc i can know exactly when i need to fall asleep so if i need to get up
    at 7am to pick up someone to take them to there job i go to sleep at 2am or

  4. I’m sorry but this study is pure bullshit, probably propaganda for more
    work hours. When you sleep your metabolism slows down, you breath In less
    which reduces oxidization and cell multiplication. The more you sleep the
    longer you live because you age less.

  5. Associative nonsense, Tesla used to sleep not more then two hours a night,
    Da Vinci not more then 5 a hour polyphasic sleep schedule. Sleep is
    nothing more then an evolutionary adaptation to deal with the inefficiency
    of natural activity at night. A strong instinct indeed but one that can be
    silence with practice and hard work.

  6. My mom sleeps 4 hours every night and says she doesn’t feel tired at all. I
    on the other hand, sleep for about 8 hours, but I’ve never been able to
    fall asleep at the same time every day, it’s like my body runs on a 27h

  7. How much sleep do I need. I have no freaking idea. If I get less sleep, I
    am tired. If I get more sleep I am still fucking tired. I have been
    constantly tired since I went into my twenties. 

  8. +The Young Turks I get an average of 12 hours of sleep and I’m awake during
    the night… kinda the worst situation when having to deal with looking for
    a job.

  9. Correlation does not imply causation. People who sleep less most likely
    also lead more active lives in general. Sleeping a lot can be a symptom of
    a lot of different physical or psychological problems, but it does not mean
    that it is the sleep itself that is harmful. These tabloid-tier conclusions
    are cringe worthy.

  10. I sleep four hours a day and have been doing so for about fifteen years. I
    can say that if I sleep from 2am to 6am then I can do very well with it.
    I do have to say that in the years since I’ve been doing this that my short
    term memory has suffered quite a bit though.

  11. If you need an alarm clock to wake you- you are sleeping too little or the
    quality is too poor.
    Sleep your fat away! Muscle, Fat, Sleep and Bodybuilding

  12. For me, six hours seems to be optimal. I feel the most productive, I easily
    fall asleep the next night, I get up easily, and I don’t feel slow. When I
    sleep for eight hours, I tend to feel more tired during the day, and also a
    bit sluggish

  13. I get about 4-5 hrs a day.. Sometimes less depending on what Im doing that
    night.. I do however always stay up till at least 7am no matter what… I
    go to bed when I sun comes up… For years I went on less with about 3-4
    hrs here and there with even less in between.. but that didnt go too well
    for that long before I started having troubles concentrating and staying
    awake at work!
    Edit: After watching the video fully.. I find I am not getting enough sleep
    as I am having the type of problems they mentioned.. I am capable of doing
    my work and functioning.. However at least… at least once a week I have a
    moment where I go off the handle… not violently.. just verbally..
    something will trigger me or someone will say something and it sets me off
    and by the time I am calm and able to go back to what I was doing….I
    found myself completely exhausted, mentally and physically. I have wondered
    for years as to why this pattern has been there for me and I think I might
    have found my answer.

  14. When Ana said “Vox” I thought she said “Fox” and I thought, “what, she’s
    endorsing an interview from Fox?” LOL.

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