How Cops Destroy Careers If They’re Held Accountable

The day after a New Mexico prosecutor charged two police officers in the shooting death of a mentally ill homeless man last year, Albuquerque officials refused to allow representatives from…


  1. “Civil Servants” should be printed on police uniforms to remind them that
    they are in fact civil servants. This would have a significant positive

  2. My fellow libtards.

    Let’s demonize the police again simply for doing their job. Then let’s cry
    out RACIST each time we see a thug get beaten up or killed because we
    should make everything race related.

    -Senk Oogur, mayor of Libtardville

  3. Based on the D.A.’s reasoning, no assistant DA should ever take more than
    one criminal case, since having taken a criminal case already, they’ll have
    a conflict of interest because criminals will be involved in the next one.

  4. Hold up for a sec. They shot him with live rounds, then bean bags, then
    tazed him and sent the dog to bite his dead body. That’s murder in every
    case. The DA charged them rightfully and that’s TYT’s fault. Give your
    example of them demonizing the cops who did this. They stated facts not
    opinion like some of you do. The DA feels the same way everyone else
    should. The fact that TYT supports the decision is their why of demonizing?
    Define the word please. Let me guess, the homeless man was in the wrong for
    finding a place to sleep right? Using key words like demonize to distort
    the truth only works on FOX News viewers. We the TYT viewers are smarter
    than that. Troll elsewhere please 

  5. Have any cops ever got the death penalty for murder? Because they sure give
    out the death penalty on the streets a lot.

  6. These corrupt pieces of shit think that they’re above the law, just because
    they enforce the law. I suppose we should expect this when only low IQ
    people are allowed to be cops.

  7. You failed to mention one of those police shootings this year in
    Albuquerque was a cop shooting another cop. The defense they are using with
    this case is that he had used those box cutters to slash people before, but
    it was also heard that the police had plans to shoot him before they even
    arrived. I don’t want to move to Albuquerque because of all of the things
    that happen there involving police. They had a shooting yesterday with only
    one camera capturing it because the other cop “failed” to turn on his

  8. How dare she criticise the Police better shut her up quick , does this
    remind you of anything happening lately ?

  9. thank god they are being charged with murder.
    Funny she can’t review any more police cases because she convicted them of
    murder but…
    Judges that let the cops go can keep going. bahahahahaha what a double
    fucking standard.

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  12. “So apparently there was a police shooting this last Tuesday.” LISTEN TO
    THIS, and then try and tell me there is nothing wrong with the american law
    enforcement system. If an officer shot at someone in the UK, it would be in
    the news for at least a week, assuming a lone shooting didn’t cause mass
    unrest amongst the population. The fact that *some* American cops are given
    lethal weapons, yet would not be trusted with a pet goldfish outside of the
    States says a lot about the system. If people want an end to police
    brutality, there need to be serious civilian gun legislations which would
    lead for less need (as is in the UK) for police to be put in a position
    where they may be forced to kill someone.

  13. Lack of accountability is bad to begin with, but it also attracts the wrong
    sort of person to become a cop making the problem worse.

  14. I support an independent civilian review board that examines every single
    time a cop uses force and gives a real evidence based opinion on if it’s
    justified. Oh and give them the power to enforce that no more letting the
    police police themselves. 

  15. How can anyone believe we do not live in a police state.If the police were
    doing these things to citizens in any other country the world would be
    screaming about human rights. 

  16. Why not have a separate prosecutor investigate the police instead of using
    the same one that has to work with the police.

  17. Tyt is trying to make us hate America, even though we’re the best country
    in the world and if you disagree you’ve been brainwashed.. There is

  18. Do i think they should have been charged with murder? No.

    However, saying she has a conflict of interest? You need more proof than
    her convicting them of murder. Thats not conflict of interest unless you
    can prove she has something against cops in general, doing your job with
    your own judgement is not a conflict of interest.


  20. The cops were charged with 1st and 2nd degree murder as well as
    manslaughter. I foresee that (If they even go to court for this) that they
    will be charged with involuntary manslaughter and get some 1-4 years, plus
    some administrative leave.

  21. Every one of the police in Albuquerque have made themselves accomplices by
    trying to keep these criminals from justice. Arrest them all and try them
    all for murder and/or accessory to murder. Clean your house.

  22. It’s not only that they harass and obstruct individuals outside of the
    force for keeping them in check (as is their job), I’ve also read and heard
    from cops themselves account either instances of harassment from other cops
    for doing their jobs and reporting a bad cop and/or even feasting on one
    another over political matters, preventing and obstructing other cops from
    climbing the ladder in the force.

  23. I think it comes down to this. Cops know that if they had to deal with the
    same justice system that the rest of us have to, they would have to begin
    acting more like civil servants again instead of a heavy
    handed paramilitary force. For many, but not all, the perks of being an
    officer would disappear. 

  24. So they basically know the prosecutor will totally own them like a farmer
    owns a pig if it was a wrongful shooting– doesnt this also compromised
    separation of powers? Surely Federal Government could also intervene
    because this specific police force is undermining democracy, separation of
    power and almost seems treasonous. Due to them threatening a principle of a
    democracy. That due process and investigations are not derailed, blocked or
    hindered. Shame they cant shut the entire police force down and fire every
    cop in it. Purging entirely them from the system and rebuild a better organ
    from this corrupted blue body.

  25. It’s official: The US police force is the new Mafia. Going after the DA for
    holding them accountable is exactly what organised criminals would do. It’s

  26. This is why we need an independent party to investigate these fucking pigs
    and these fucking criminal cops cannot do anything to prevent the

  27. so she did her job?, carried out the law?, and they say that’s wrong?, we
    don’t need to let Isis attack as the US is doing fine dam job of destroy
    law and order as it is

  28. Perfect example of cops getting pissed off when they are held accountable.
    Now you’re biased if you prosecute cops in New Mexico. Need to fire all of
    them and disband their union. Fresh blood with proper training would
    probably fix a lot of this. Training should be done by an outside
    department that is well vetted.

  29. All these places where police have formed their own community and culture
    and expect to be treated differently than the rest of the population should
    be intervened in by … Idk, the mayor, or if the mayor’s corrupt, the
    state governor… if need be go all the way to the president… AND FIRE
    ALL THEM! EVERY single one of the police officers and replace them with new
    cops that don’t have such bulshit mentality. If unions get in the way,
    destroy the union. Amazing, the US is a country where unions meant to
    protect quality of life are the only ones that don’t work and the ones
    protecting people frm getting fired when they do a shitty job in a job
    where it should not be permitted to do a shitty job, the police unions,
    work. What twisted upside down country. 

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