How “Alternative Facts” Became a Thing With Queen of Deflection Kellyanne Conway

In this video I cover an interview between Chuck Todd and Kellyanne Conway where “alternative facts” actually started.
Obama Job growth:
Government spending:
Mike Pompeo:
Snowden should be put to death:
Rick Perry on EPA:
Trump Riping off Veterans:
Hillary’s tax plan:
Betsy DeVos:


  1. I missed 1 point in my last comment George Soros look him up and what he has done with the riots. Wanted in 7 or 8 countries. that should explain a lot for you.

  2. talk about things you know, like safe spaces, playdoh, puppy's and shit like that, and leave the country's problem's to real men and women. There is no room for thumb sucking snowflakes on the Trump train.

  3. I must say, you are a piece of work. Sitting in your kitchen, telling everyone that Kellyann Conway is wrong about almost everything she says. How did you come up with this conclusion? CNN, MSNBS, ABC,CBS? Because unless you are a fly on the wall in the White House, I don't see how you could possibly know anything. Are you on drugs, because you talk very slow, almost in a retarded way. I recognized right off the bat that you are a Snowflake, and I guess your kitchen is your safe space? Kellyann Conway is an extraordinary spokesperson, she actually answers every question without hesitation, as a matter of fact, President Trump's entire cabinet is the same way. I have never seen any of them dodge a single question or fiddle around for an answer. How many times did Obama or Clinton use the syllable umm? In just about every sentence they spoke. Answering a question without fumbling for a word is a sure sign of telling the truth, based on the FBIs study of body language and posture, not to mention the ability to answer a question directly without fumbling for words. You Snowflakes look for any little thing, true or not to bash the Trump administration. We are moving ahead with or without you. So go fuck yourself faggot.

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