Hope and Anguish for Mothers of Nigerian Girls

Their tear-stained faces show the toll of not knowing the fate of their daughters. Mothers of the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamic extremists still hold out hope of their rescue,…


  1. Soon she will get tons of money, only foreigners know you have
    American(media) connection they will kidnapped you and demand large sum of
    money.it helping socialism through wealth distribution. Don’t worry Ma ,
    American dollars are comming, 

  2. Angelina and Brad should get together with Bill Gates….. hire up some
    blackwater boys… and this would be over very quickly…. not a joke. I am
    talking FOR REAL. If I was any of the three it would be a no-brainer for
    me….. I mean, what the fuck is money for if not this… ESPECIALLY to
    liberals…. they keep acting concerned, but nobody seems to care enough to
    put up the money…. wheres Soros on this? He can bet a BILLION on the
    stock market… but can`t finance a rescue? REALLY? Rich people suck…
    liberal or conservative.And no, I don`t want to “redistribute” their
    wealth…. but that doesn`t mean they don`t SUCK.

  3. This is too tragic, most of the girls are already out of country and these
    Boka Harim need to be exterminated to the last sub-human one of them.

  4. I pray for the safe return of each and everyone of the girls. I also pray
    that the men who captured them be put to justice! This is terribly sad.

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