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  1. QOTD: MY house is currently being invaded my huge friggin’ grand-daddy long
    legs. (Ya know, those huge spider looking creatures with super longs legs).
    There are literally 3 spiders on my wall as I type. And I have discovered
    that they act slightly like moths because whenever I’m in the dark and
    trying to get a tan from my laptop screen, the little fuckers climb ALL
    OVER THE COMPUTER AND MY FACE AND MY BED! Imagine being on the verge of
    sleep and having a huge spider crawl across your damn face. NOT. COOL.

  2. One day. I got home from school. The first month of the two months we lived
    in that home. I had to use the bathroom. My mother said no. I asked why.
    She said there were bees. I was like, “Ma…wtf.” She had to show me. She
    opened the door. Which led to nothing but yellow and black. Seriously
    though, there had to be a few thousand of those suckers in there, you
    couldn’t see the actually room, it was only bees. Also, there was a big
    horse fly on the window. And a locust chased me because I thought it was a
    butterfly. I wasn’t the smartest child.

  3. I feel like you guys are my actual friends except it’s a completely one
    sided relationship and you don’t even read my comments on comm comm and wow
    my life is sad 

  4. My house is over 80 years old and is on the river in Florida. It is a very
    clean home, save for the occasional mess from the 5 kids that live there.
    However, this did not stop one of the most terrifying moments of my life
    from occurring. When I was around 12 years old, I went to take a shower at
    around 10 pm, so it was pretty dark. When I turned on the lights, I saw one
    rather large cockroach run under the counter. I was used to seeing these
    bugs in the damp rooms of my house, and paid it no mind. One of my bathroom
    lights was broken, so I couldn’t really see much save for a few shadows.
    This is why I never noticed the real reason for my shower floors dark
    appearance. I simply thought it was the lack of light. I turned on and
    stepped into the shower only to hear the most horrific noise in the world.
    A crunch. I started shaking and just stood there for a moment, not wanting
    to believe what I had stepped on. However it only got worse. As the water
    from my shower head fell onto the shower floor, I heard movement.
    Specifically a movement going from the floor up the walls. And it wasn’t
    just one thing moving, it was multiple. This was the day that I would learn
    that the disgusting shelled bugs of the Underworld not only crawled rapidly
    on spindly legs, but also held the ability to fly. Onto my face. In mass
    numbers. Around six roaches landed on my face to get away from the water,
    resulting in me gasping for breath because of fear and shock. I couldn’t
    scream, I could only stumble around my shower and attempt to get out. As I
    attempted to breath, one roach slowly crawled into my mouth. This is what
    finally fixed my vocal cords. I screamed as loud as I could, a screech that
    most likely could shatter windows and I jumped out of the shower. Finally
    managing to shake the roaches off my face and kill them along with the one
    in my mouth, I grabbed a flashlight and pointed it into the shower. I
    couldn’t count how many, that should give you an idea of what greeted me.
    Because it was raining outside, the roaches had found a way into our house
    through the many holes along the floor due to age. My parents quickly
    exterminated all the roaches in my home and we repaired all the holes. I
    haven’t seen a roach in my house since then. 

  5. man i hate wasp, one time i was in the park and i saw a wasp rip a bee in
    half and fly away with the bottom part of its body and i saw the bee’s head
    and it was still alive. scary ass fuck 

  6. About a month ago my neighbor was rushed to hospital after a wasp landed on
    his face. It didn’t sting him, luckily I got it first with my shovel.

  7. Well I’ve never had to deal with insect invasions, but I did stepped on a
    5ft rattle snake when I was eight, and just recently stepped on a 6ft
    rattlesnake last July. Fun fun.

  8. I was mowing my lawn and apparently there was a wasps nest underground. I
    ran over it with the lawn mower. I got stung 9 times and one was on my
    nipple and it did not feel good. 

  9. I woke up to a wasp crawling on my stomach in the winter, it tickled me in
    my sleep so i had to scratch my belly and it stung me on my middle

  10. I was 12 years old and minding my own business at summer camp. When a huge
    dragonfly flew into my eye. I of course called home and left camp the next
    day. Fuck those bugs 

  11. well from what i remember one time when i was a little little boy there was
    a bee (a pretty large bee) flying around my face.anyway i got annoyed at
    said bee and with both my little little hands i smacked the bee (like a
    clap but with a bee between my hands) anyway although i squashed the bee
    the stinger entered the palm of my hand and for a few days i had
    excruciating pain and a swollen hand. FIN

  12. QOTD: Man do I have a story… it was the middle of the night and I woke up
    because I felt something against my face only to realize there was a spider
    dangling from the celing that had landed on my face ON MY FACE. *shudders*

  13. One time I was driving and I heard this buzzing noise start to come from
    the shifter. A minute later a bee just appeared out of a fucking different
    dimension or some shit! It crawled out from beneath the shifter, an area I
    thought was sealed off with leather, so I have no idea how it got there!

  14. I stepped on a bee once. It hurt. I didn’t like it. So i didn’t step on one
    again. And given the similarities between a bee and a wasp, i tend to stay
    away from wasps as well. This technique of avoidance has saved me numerous
    amounts of times im sure. Thats about all i got. 

  15. A couple of years ago in a cabin I was spending the night in I woke up to
    the sound of the ceiling collapsing and thousands upon thousands of
    termites pored down upon me. I hate bugs.

  16. A tarantula climbed out of my vent. My mom killed it with a T-shirt. In
    hindsight, it was probably someone’s pet. R I.P. Aragog.

  17. Found a hobo spider on my leg, never flailed so hard in my life!

    Felt like a magikarp truly trying for its trainer

  18. just recently I’m seeing spiders the size of toonies (2 dollar canadian
    coin) invading my home and just I just wanna burn my house down and be done
    with them

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